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  1. When searching for servers on the vanilla arma 3 steam client you go to internet and for example search pve exile now what bugs me is why does it limit your search if there is 5k+ or so servers but its only showing me 113 i doubt there is only 113 exile servers x.x so why doesnt it show me the rest?  Is there a way to increase how many you can see at one time?

  2. me and a few friends are looking for a server that has (look below to see what we would like to play

    Militarized server - meaning all is accessible at some point also military weapons can spawn anywhere.


    Mod's: All RHS, Mas (CBA Version) , Cup( optional would be nice but not needed ), TRYK Multiplay Uniforms, Tac Vests, Exile, NI Arms-Complete, Specialist Military Arms ( Requires MRT accessory Functions ), ( we dont mind if it has zombies or not ), ASDG Joint Rails unofficial, some way of lifting / towing, PVE mainly ( it can have pvp zones we wouldnt mind about that ), 

    Scripts: Refuel Repair Re-Arm, Roaming AI, Vehicle Roaming AI, Starter Gear, ^Lifting/towing, anything else is a bonus i guess :D

    looking forward to responses see if any of the server has all of this or atleast most of this :)

  3. well you said it yourself you are playing on the tanoa version. meanwhile im playing on altis! so have you actually played on the altis version ? cause they are 2 different things


    thats like my saying i have a bug on this game but another person comments saying they have never experienced that but thats cause they are on a different version of the game compared to you!


    the tanoa version is more recent and up to date than the altis one is. so unless your playing on the altis you cant really say that its not happening to you. when we aren't even playing on the same map

    yes i play on the altis map too that's why i said that its not happening for me but if it does ill report it right away :)

  4. yeah everything is updated and i have the WLA addon enabled via the arma 3 launcher!


    this issue only appears to happen after loading a save game file after the point when ive build 4 tents and going to destroy the AA for extra supplies...



    also kinda sucks how you cant control the stomper but you can control a darter! 


    only saying this the now cause i seen you are porting this over to tannoa. and well in order for it to be more enjoyable there it would be best to make improvements and fix alot of issues!


    also can you please add display models for special structers ? cause its kinda hard to place them with just an invisible model and a wireframe box. especially if you are trying to minimize wasted space!

    doesnt seem to happen on tanoa for me :o

  5. Love your missions. I do have one question, is there anything I need to change besides making the entire squad playable, to make WLT playable in multiplayer? I have unpacked the .pbo and am able to edit it in the mission editor, I am just unsure what I would have to change. Any help would be appreciated, thanks :)

    i would really love to see this i wanna play with so many friends but its nearly impossible atm if someone could do it I'd greatly appreciate it ( iv got no skills in the department to fix it x.x )

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  6. Released Alpha of WLT: Amalgamation for SP. You need to enable apex_sneak_preview to play. Also may need to enable WLA addons old way as parameter in launcher. Had it enabled in mod-section but didnt work then. WLT is having separate pbo since planning (if finding time) to change tasks and other stuff for this Tanoa edition.




    The required WLA addon:



    http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=422592108​(not sure if working as got the launcher issue with apex_sneak_preview)



    Tiny WLA SP update. Space-key again works to end revive. Updated dropbox/workshop only.


    For modders, change 83. line in afterloading.sqf to this (to add the same fix):

    _keyDown = (findDisplay 46) displayAddEventHandler ["KeyDown", "if (!isNil""SkeyIsDown"") exitWith {};SkeyIsDown = true;if (_this select 1 == 0x39) then {if (!isNil""SAOKCUT"" || {!(isNil{player getvariable ""SAwounded""})}) then {SAOKSKIPCUT = true;};missionnamespace setvariable [""SAOKTTTEE"",[]];if (cursortarget distance player < 2 && !isNil{cursortarget getvariable ""SAwounded""}) then {player setvariable [""Healing"",cursortarget];_nn = player spawn SAOKTREATING;};} else {SkeyIsDown = nil;};"];

    Dev-version currently have damage-eventhandlers broken since some WIP changes (heard). Avoid using it. Not making a return but might do tiny hotfixes rarely. Planning to record some 20-30min WLA video with RHS mod since found out the ShadowPlay recently (that allows 1080p60fps gamevideos without any performance drop).


    Edit: Added video.


    Edit: Another tiny WLA SP update. Player is leading his group again.


    Edit: Another small WLA SP update. Stamina can be toggled again off (and its set mostly off for AI to bring more action), hard difficutly have bit some more enemies now.

    Glad to see you havent given up on this entirely we appreciate it alot screw the judges in my opinion this has everything they wanted and more its their loss, but enough of that thanks for not giving up on it like I said we all appreciate your work ( all of us that play it maybe someday hopefully you will return just maybe it is possible I mean none of us can read the future )

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  8. Like you know what you are talking about. :D There is only one little silly convenient naive boy and its you (and that one earlier australian with his troll club).


    Anyway the editor version of mission have been in first post for long. You can edit it freely. But I will boycot Apex-expansion so I wouldnt like to see any public Tanoa conversions. Still its up to modder and anyway the WLA is so full of bugs that you wont be able to run it. ;) And yes its boring. BI dev mentioned that in reply after 8 months. He was agreeing "the other devs", also COOP is crashing in lobby that is my fault. Its possible to crash the game using mission scripts. I wish I would have left that crashing code out. I had things running great in 2014 summer build but then one night desided to add crash coding. Also when player is near towns there is massive loops launched in mission side integrating surface normals. I dont get why they didnt like some stutter fest.


    But staying logged out. Still wishing all good times with ArmA3. The upcoming additions really looks very promising.

    i think we all know here how much work you put into this its sad to see you leave though this mission really gave tons of fun memories but now i think it will just remain in my memories as a great mission i doubt i could continue playing it after the nexus stamina screwed me up bad in wla x.x

  9. The custom map issue wasnt yet tweaked, also those side missions are still to be done. I will try to include those for next update. Sorry for the slowness, but the tweaks are coming. Have had busy times and the arma edit is quite slow to use. Notepad++ had "search from files"-function which was essential.

    i hope im able to make road blocks and Camps next Update ( was thinking for making a Camp you could add the object a Flag under Special objects and cost could be like 5k for a camp as for howe to do the roadblock im at a stump on that one xD )

  10. @darkking810


    ehm...*Gear storage feature?..i must be blind (although my eyes are really in bad shape)I think i ve examined sufficiently the menu's..but i m not sure i 've seen something like that :confused:

    Well...currently as undercover i took the 95% of Altis in 3 days -and i haven't even started the 1st part of *main mission :D




    btw SaOk again i ll congratulate you for your efficiency.


    In this mission are running countless checks/scripts/lots of AI and ambient life + (plus) the other external mods

    i m running (ASR_AI included)

    but the performance stays on friggin' pretty acceptable rates on my kinda crapy system.


    Seriously "Hats off man"!    :pc:


    yea the Gear Storage counts as a Special storage Press Shift + c Near Con. Truck and go to specials then build gear storage and there you go now press Shift + 1 and customize your gear from there you can do so for your other member's aswell


    Ok so I just deactivated all of my mods and the text (the Prestige OSD) is still cut off. I just don't get it. Everything else looks fine.

    Perhaps the Steam version of WLA/WLA Add-On is bugged?

    I checked my video settings and all seems fine there. 1920x1080, Fullscreen, 16:9 Wide. My Interface size is set to large but making it smaller didn't help.

    I literally only have WLA and WLA Add On activated right now. This is very weird.



    weird i use steam version and it works fine for me

  11. Hey SaOk.


    I m playing as Undercover.(started as undercover also) /SP version Altis


     I m saving via mission options (Shift+1)

    If i load the game via normal ArmA load options..i m losing precious menu's (territory/relation info) BUT..everything i own (veh. cargo or modified weapons included) remains


    if i load via Restart game->Continue previous save (in-mission option)..

    i have ALL appropriate menu's/prestige/captured areas..but i lose all saved property (gear/cargo vehicles/modified guns.)


    It's really hard sometimes  :/




    ..and for strange reason I cant get rid of *occasional team members (an engineer for a quick repair..)sending them to HC because all options are grayed out :/


    btw..the player maybe should have the ability to repair with a repair kit to some degree %   :/


    the gear is saved if you use the gear storage feature as for the vehicles they should stay if you got in them at least once. ( it stays for me :/ )


    as for the HC never bother with it x.x


    and as for the added part i agree with the repair thing 

  12. you know what i just noticed that i wish was put into WLA? :/ the ability to call in platoons that can carry other's like csat does :/ i wish i could use that ability for resupplying and carrying my anti air places lol


    i just got my butt kicked on a separate side of the map cause all my anti air was on the othersie and they were also waiting for resupply which was again with my AA units lol


    saok if it isnt too difficult could you add another section in call in platoons for carrier's? so that i can use chopper's or planes to deliver from 1 side of the map to the other?

  13. Darkking, I'm not sure about you, but from the very beginning most of my OSD's are cut off. This is from mission start. For instance, when taking a chopper in, the dialogue during the very first cutscene is cut off.

    And the Prestige stats in the top left are cut off too.

    Again, this is from the very very beginning. It has nothing to do with saving or loading. It's like this from the get go.



    Screen ratio or resolution may affect GUI. I will look into what could be missing.



    weird i play on 1920x 1080 res and i dont think you want me to go through my mod list cause I'd probably list a good 60-80 mods at the least lol ( im a heavy modder meaning i play with tons and tons of mods to enhance a experience after playing it vanilla ) as for the beginning and when im in the chopper everything is a ok for me here's my settings





  14. Does this mean what I think it means? Are you giving us an update? :)

    SaOk, just a couple hours in:

    1. Most of the on screen displays are completely cut off. This includes the Prestige bar in the top left and the display on screen when people are talking.

    2. If you are anywhere near a campfire you take damage. I tested this in Antistasi and Hunter Six and fire are working normal in those missions. You only take damage when right on top. In WLA if you are anywhere near, I'd say 10 feet, you take damage.

    3. Apparently the side mission markers break after awhile.

    I think these are pretty important. I know you've moved on to bigger and better things but if you could hotfix these I would be on cloud 9.

    You're the man SaOk! Thanks so much for checking in!

    1. it only happens if you load saves via the game and not via wla's own save feature you need to use wla's own save and load feature


    2.nothing to say


    3. all marker's break not just side missions ( other then that nothing to say )


    Adding my own below




    ( if possible ) GL and MG vehicles ( just a swap so they correspond to their names )


    ( if possible ) Ability to Create Roadblocks and Camp's as in like the Csat camps we can make our own camps so we are able to use the military shop button ( that would be awesome )


    ( if possible ) Ability to see better previews of what you build.


    that's pretty much it

  15. I have bin playing WLA alot its my favorite mission of all time DUWS before wla was my faveorite so both are on par now but wla is just a bit more better i have played it so much that im use to the whole mission and know almost every bit by heart up to the 8 chapter that's as far as i have gone before i was like meh let me take a break and usually end up starting anew again later cause of buggy 3D icons

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