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  1. When searching for servers on the vanilla arma 3 steam client you go to internet and for example search pve exile now what bugs me is why does it limit your search if there is 5k+ or so servers but its only showing me 113 i doubt there is only 113 exile servers x.x so why doesnt it show me the rest? Is there a way to increase how many you can see at one time?
  2. darkking810

    when searching for servers

    well im looking for pve exile and militarized servers :/
  3. darkking810

    Looking for a Server

    me and a few friends are looking for a server that has (look below to see what we would like to play Militarized server - meaning all is accessible at some point also military weapons can spawn anywhere. Mod's: All RHS, Mas (CBA Version) , Cup( optional would be nice but not needed ), TRYK Multiplay Uniforms, Tac Vests, Exile, NI Arms-Complete, Specialist Military Arms ( Requires MRT accessory Functions ), ( we dont mind if it has zombies or not ), ASDG Joint Rails unofficial, some way of lifting / towing, PVE mainly ( it can have pvp zones we wouldnt mind about that ), Scripts: Refuel Repair Re-Arm, Roaming AI, Vehicle Roaming AI, Starter Gear, ^Lifting/towing, anything else is a bonus i guess :D looking forward to responses see if any of the server has all of this or atleast most of this :)
  4. yes i play on the altis map too that's why i said that its not happening for me but if it does ill report it right away :)
  5. doesnt seem to happen on tanoa for me :o
  6. darkking810

    Enhanced Movement

    anyway to get this to work for epoch it has a critical bug ( im guessing it might have the same bug with exile too but not sure ) [Critical Bug] Enhanced Movement - Climb and jump over structures. **enables stealing locked vehicles!
  7. i would really love to see this i wanna play with so many friends but its nearly impossible atm if someone could do it I'd greatly appreciate it ( iv got no skills in the department to fix it x.x )
  8. im loving it already sweet wargasm :P
  9. Glad to see you havent given up on this entirely we appreciate it alot screw the judges in my opinion this has everything they wanted and more its their loss, but enough of that thanks for not giving up on it like I said we all appreciate your work ( all of us that play it maybe someday hopefully you will return just maybe it is possible I mean none of us can read the future )
  10. darkking810

    User Mission Request Thread

    Is anyone able to make a Dynamic Whole Map ArmA3 Mission for Esseker Map Or if anyone knows of one out their if you can point me in the right direction.
  11. i think we all know here how much work you put into this its sad to see you leave though this mission really gave tons of fun memories but now i think it will just remain in my memories as a great mission i doubt i could continue playing it after the nexus stamina screwed me up bad in wla x.x
  12. when should we be expecting the update?
  13. i hope im able to make road blocks and Camps next Update ( was thinking for making a Camp you could add the object a Flag under Special objects and cost could be like 5k for a camp as for howe to do the roadblock im at a stump on that one xD )
  14. using zeus to play around i have this https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=410206202 mod enabled at times to find bugs when you have zeus turned on go to the empty category and go down to Objects (small) and go down to pile of money and there ya go just dont go crazy with it cause it will lag you if you spawn too much
  15. < i is rich :o btw even though it says Shift + U for toggle of 3d icons when i click it nothing seems to happen :/
  16. yea the Gear Storage counts as a Special storage Press Shift + c Near Con. Truck and go to specials then build gear storage and there you go now press Shift + 1 and customize your gear from there you can do so for your other member's aswell weird i use steam version and it works fine for me
  17. the gear is saved if you use the gear storage feature as for the vehicles they should stay if you got in them at least once. ( it stays for me :/ ) as for the HC never bother with it x.x and as for the added part i agree with the repair thing
  18. this is a current picture of my hud just took it a few seconds ago the pictures before the reason my hud wasnt there is cause i was just showing my settings
  19. you know what i just noticed that i wish was put into WLA? :/ the ability to call in platoons that can carry other's like csat does :/ i wish i could use that ability for resupplying and carrying my anti air places lol i just got my butt kicked on a separate side of the map cause all my anti air was on the othersie and they were also waiting for resupply which was again with my AA units lol saok if it isnt too difficult could you add another section in call in platoons for carrier's? so that i can use chopper's or planes to deliver from 1 side of the map to the other?
  20. weird i play on 1920x 1080 res and i dont think you want me to go through my mod list cause I'd probably list a good 60-80 mods at the least lol ( im a heavy modder meaning i play with tons and tons of mods to enhance a experience after playing it vanilla ) as for the beginning and when im in the chopper everything is a ok for me here's my settings
  21. 1. it only happens if you load saves via the game and not via wla's own save feature you need to use wla's own save and load feature 2.nothing to say 3. all marker's break not just side missions ( other then that nothing to say ) Adding my own below Hotfix ( if possible ) GL and MG vehicles ( just a swap so they correspond to their names ) ( if possible ) Ability to Create Roadblocks and Camp's as in like the Csat camps we can make our own camps so we are able to use the military shop button ( that would be awesome ) ( if possible ) Ability to see better previews of what you build. that's pretty much it
  22. btw saok when doing the side mission from ally's i cant build more roadblocks was that your intention or is there a way to do so? oh also one tiny its bitsy bug i dont think it will take much effort but when placing static vehicles the MG and GL are switched so Mg is GL and Gl is MG
  23. I have bin playing WLA alot its my favorite mission of all time DUWS before wla was my faveorite so both are on par now but wla is just a bit more better i have played it so much that im use to the whole mission and know almost every bit by heart up to the 8 chapter that's as far as i have gone before i was like meh let me take a break and usually end up starting anew again later cause of buggy 3D icons