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  1. I think after you capture a Csat camp i think its then when you save then close out and then come back again your 3D icons dont seem to appear for side missions and main missions but you can still do them you just have to guess normally where they might spawn its hard to explain lets say a supply truck broke in pygros but you dont know its there cause the 3D icon isnt appearing for it so technically you'd be thinking forever on where it is since you cant see the 3D icon now when you open the map you can still see like Nato Base and Green Base those arent the icons im talking about its the icon when you accept a mission it tells you where it is and how far you are from it. so techincally you can still finish the game i think but you wont be able to so like fix and return a supply truck that's broken down cause it wont show it on the map so they only way you have to go by is the 3D icon which gets buggy later during the mission. ( I hope I made sense in what I said ) apparently another bug i encounter well technically i dont know if you can consider it one during the save of the resistance pow near the beginning of the mission but after taking out the guards and talking to him it doesnt do the animation anymore the cut scene for it and the text go like lightning quick like 1 second you will see a text bubble then the next its gone its like speedy gonzales XD Picture of 3D Icon's Below
  2. sadly that's game mechanics if you ask me its BS but meh I'd say just stay away from the caveman fire XD
  3. use the save option in wla's menu then restart the mission whenever you go back in to play and continue previous saved game ( but beware Note: from experience after a certain objective i think or after a certain amount of time i dont know which it is but the 3D icons bug out and wont show no matter how many times you restart so the only way to fix it is by starting a new game entirely i dont know why this is an issue but just certain side missions you might not be able to do cause you wont be able to see the 3D icons in the distance sadly. )
  4. you could upgrade to windows 8 atleast its better then windows 10 not saying windows 8 is better then 7 but meh its true windows 7 can only handle 16 gigs but eh to be honest windows 8 would be a better option then windows 10
  5. Its already in the game to disable fatigue just pres Shift + 1 options and go down to fatigue and disable it and the revive script if you dont die and you have a medic nearby he heals you and you get right back up :o if you have life range down to default and have it on easy aswell as disabling animals and half ambient life it should do your fps some good. i dont see having to rely on support a bad thing in real life you would get support like that and you have your troops you should be able to do just fine if you know how to make strategic plays.
  6. eww windows 10 its crap! XD btw these types of mods / scripts dont seem bad for a previous question on better previews before you build stuff of course you would have to get permission to use i think that;s how mod maker's use each other's work but if its possible something along those lines wouldnt be bad :o Example: https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/170033-r3f-logistics/ http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=27078 Edit: 1 Small additonal request is it possible to make the character able to move objects like container's / boxes im kinda OCD and when i load a couple of crate's into my vehicles and then take them out it kinda screws my OCD when i cant have then neatly placed the way i want it xD if you cant then oh well but if you can i would greatly appreciate it.
  7. i just saw this in the game cause i had gotten far into it but with the RHS AAF gets Russian vehicles but when they go anywhere near me or my inplacments or my troops near me they shoot the AAF cause it registers the vehicles as enemies even my static guns like anti tank just blew the crap out of a BDM and BTR that was a AAF armored ally.
  8. Hey Saok I was wondering if the preview of the special structures could be changed sometimes when I try to place one im not sure how it will be placed for example if I place one pow cell it may be to close to me and ill be trapped or when I place it too close to an object a fence will just fall over :/ is there a better way you can make it more visible to know how im placing said structure? Also for special structures and such when I try to undo object if I placed them wrongly on my part I cant seem to removed them it just skips it and removes a previous structure like if I built a small fortress then build a pow cell but I placed it wrongly and try to undo it removes the small fortress instead of the pow.
  9. get the truck press Shift C go to furniture and pop up the tent :)
  10. darkking810

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    anyone know if tunguska has already bin ported from arma 2 to arma 3?
  11. press escape key and look at field manual its the same as H on the pop up screens
  12. you know what I just noticed I cant call in boat platoons D; I wanted to assault from 2 directions from the sea and land but I cant unless I have air but csat just bunched up their units so AA is mixed in there so my chopper's flee :(
  13. that would be great I'd like to create my unique style base :P
  14. Hey Saok i was wondering when your building stuff with Shift + c how come the height only goes up to 10 :( i cant put stuff on like tall structures cause i cant go past 10 is there any possibilities you could increase it to 20 or 30? to go higher btw i see assests unlock at later stages so disregard my previous post
  15. ok i got it yea is there a way to add more tanks then the ones you can start off with ordering? like for tanks i can only order like T-72's later in the stages can i order more then just that or is there a way to manually add more vehicles from other mods?
  16. ill try that and get back to you
  17. Hey Saok I've noticed that if I use the RHS pack for WLA my allies the AAF use the Russian MI-8MT O_o my allies chopper usually dies cause it cant intercept with csat's chopper any possibility that you might change the chopper to a MI-24 variant so it can fight the enemies chopper? Also I'm still clueless on how to get more unit for the global map where you can direct your allies and your own factions units to points around the map how do i purchase or acquire more force to engage Csat?
  18. Hey SaOk any possibility you can make the ingame save you made for wla addon into a mod to work for other missions too i would love to use it cause im tired of other missions for me having to revert a mission and restart the whole thing cause mods wont appear after a loaded save :/
  19. I see the number but on the map I can't control it to tell it where to go they appear on the map the iconish look of the vehicle but no group symbol to tell them where to go
  20. I dont know if this sounds dumb but I cant seem to access High Command by CTRL + Space has it changed or am I pressing the wrong buttons cause im confused I summoned some units via zeus using this mod http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?190017-Simple-Single-Player-Cheat-Menu Cause I had no idea how to give myself more units to fight off the never ending waves of csat lol but I cant seem to get the units I summoned to appear like the one's on the map I can tell where to go x.x so sorry if im asking alot from you for a small thing.
  21. oh on bug reporting wise if you click delpost and click ok then it deletes everything but when i tried to set up 4 tents again it didn't make camp wolf again is it like perm gone?
  22. Ok I hope that will fix that issue. About the save game option I noticed it happens with Zeus too that if you die on a mission and attempt to load a previous save from the actual game and open Zeus most of the added stuff from mod's aka vehicles, units and boxes and such just disappear from the list but if you restart the mission they reappear again. The only other thing is I've seen modder's use a in-game save feature separate from the one that comes with the game which allows to to continue from where you left off even after you hit the revert button so technically all the mods your using and stuff don't disappear but will stay instead(if that makes any sense). If you interested I can show you a mission that uses that kinda of save feature.(I'm just not sure whether it was created or if its a script that is on the net somewhere.)
  23. RH_pdw: Error creating attached scope=private I heard there was a way around the saving issues with mods enabled by creating a separate save without using the already in-game save feature.
  24. Hey Pete in the near future will you be adding a mod template to benefit of using other mod's along with this campaign? Right now I keep getting an error with RH_pdw which is part of the RH packs.
  25. darkking810

    New terrain reveal - Tanoa

    Bohemia should really fix Altis its not completely optimized unlike cherno x.x