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  1. I totally agree. this mission is already very good but undercover, being able to set up charges/tripwires or even just recon an area on foot would be awesome. Believe me, I will not give up on this!
  2. The mission has roaming Civ AI so I would have to be careful as they would potentially trigger the AI causing all sorts of issues. ATM Im trying to locate the files/scripts which trigger the AI but I'll be honest im struggling as its a complex mission. In the editor they are simply 'empty markers' called 'opfor_point_(then a number)' I cant see any reason why what you are suggesting would not work. I'll let you know if I find the right files and manage to solve this :) Thanks for the help
  3. Hello again, Right, we seem to be making progress but after a couple of days we have hit a wall that Im hoping you can help with. The mission (KP Liberation) has a series of markers. These markers spawn the AI (Opfor/EAST). Unfortunately to 'trigger' these markers to spawn the enemy, a Blufor/WEST has to be within 1000m range (ofcourse this is to prevent several hundred AI being active at one time). Given your script seems to change your Blufor/WEST status to Captive Civ, THIS status does not 'trigger/spawn' the AI at all. Im wondering how you would tackle this? This wouldnt apply just to KP Liberation, but any mission that uses markers to spawn enemy Opfor AI. Wondering your thoughts on this? Cheers.
  4. Hello, just a quick update. I can confirm that we now have undercover functionality on KP Liberation. I will tweak this evening and refine it. Once stable I will write up a brief on what we did and hopefully it will help others out. Walking into a group of enemies was incredibly fun, again well done on such a great script!
  5. KP Liberation does not have an undercover situation going on but there is a civilian reputation sytem. Would it be possible to get a little help getting the basics in and I will refine and test for you? I dont mind putting in the work I just need a leg up getting started, if you are interested?
  6. Hi, First off, thank you for continuing development of this very interest addition to Arma, gj. I want to ask you if this has been tested to work with KP Liberation at all? With it being a complex mission and a very popular one at that, I was just wondering if you had any knowledge of successful or failed attempts? Cheers
  7. Still no news? Don't get me wrong, I'm just eager to get it downloaded. :D