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  1. Hello! I recently some headless clients to my 100ai server and now it's running so much better! (I am using Werthles Headless Client) The server has lootable crates that the ai gear up at that (they loot houses.) While the ai not controlled via headless clients are fully geared, I noticed that the headless clients only grab a vest, nothing more, nothing less, they are ONLY looting that one vest and not guns ammo etc despite them being in the crate they're looting for. (once more, as I note ai NOT controlled by the headless clients are grabbing helmets, ammo guns etc.) Below are some of the mission scripts that are involved in looting, perhaps this can provide help. WeaponFind.sqf (switches to WeaponTakeND.sqf or NextAction.sqf ) WeaponTakeND.sqf NextAction.sqf AddAmmo.sqf DropLootTake.sqf Any help would be very much appreciated!
  2. Should have! I already have one source but the others are good, thank you for this! :D
  3. Edit: SOLVED, thank you :) Greetings! I am currently working on my mission file, a scenario where my players must fight AI and or they can kill eachother , we have a kill counter etc but we are missing a major step, Link 1: The code I dug up that adds possibility (Im also not a very good scripter, my apologies) Link 2: What the code should output and or what I am currently wanting. Hastebin link to ExileServer_object_player_event_onMpKilled.sqf (has the RESPECT counter I am seeking) I want something similar for my server when AI and or players are killed (same point value for each, I want players and ai to dish out 100-150 per kill) I've been looking around a lot, haven't found much on the manner considering exile is the only mod in which I have ever seen use this. In looking in exile I cannot find how to use this, Is there anyway to have this and or something similar? Thanks very much once more :)