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  1. Hi, I'm stumped. I want my enemy AI to ignore a waypoint until a trigger is activated. I've looked this up and most of the replies are saying to disable the AI's movement until the trigger is activated. This is not what I want. I want my AI to act normally (eg. engage in combat, follow predefined waypoints, etc.) until this trigger is activated, then have them move to this waypoint. Is this possible? Thanks for any replies.
  2. Not exactly. To go into further detail would be that I am playing blufor, the enemy is opfor. I'd like to kill an opfor target and upon his death all opfor units to stop what they're doing and move to the location near his body (the waypoint). Right now I have a trigger for his death and a waypoint I want opfor to move to but they ignore the trigger and move there when I start this mission. I don't have any predefined intstructions for every unit before this trigger other than follow their leader. Syncing the trigger and the waypoint doesn't do anything, they just ignore the trigger and move there when the mission starts.