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  1. On 8/16/2020 at 1:27 AM, Connor. said:


    I can't seem to replicate this issue. What map are you experiencing this on and what other mods/servermods are enabled?

    All maps (using Altis for test purposes). Have a multitude of mods, but taking them all off it works. Adding cba, and it fails 

  2. Hi Connor

    I'm trying out Gun Game on my dedi server, using mission files instead of the AIO mod. I'm finding that adding CBAA3 mod breaks the location voting system. Map screen opens, but no locations appear for selection. I can get it to work if i follow this procedure:

    1. On boot, go straight into a game without changing anything.

    2. See the voting isn't there, use #missions command.

    3. Select everything the same, but change difficulty to custom.

    4. Load into game again, still no voting.

    5. #missions.

    6. Repeat 3.

    7. Load game (with or without changing params), voting works.

    I'm afraid I'm not too well-versed in the whole coding / config stuff, so that's as well as i can explain it I'm afraid....

    Any ideas please? When i can get it to run, it's great by the way, had a right laugh with it 🙂