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  1. Hello Community, today I viewed the server browser of arma 3. So many server are running on Windows OS and not Linux. I would like to rent are dedicated server and don't want to pay a monthly rate for Windows Server license. Are the Linux Server performance to bad for +100 Players or whats going on? Somebody are tested the performance between Windows and Linux and got benchmarks? Thanks a lot ;)
  2. Absolute awesome. Can't wait for this mod. This mod are the next great mod after DayZ mod for ArmA 2. I'am very glad to see u here. ;)
  3. holzflasche

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Awesome! But where are the Steam Workshop download? A Steam Workshop would be awesome to keep updated
  4. holzflasche

    3den Enhanced

    Really useful. Thank u for ur work ;)
  5. Hello community, I creating here a mission with a start and respawn on the USS Nimtriz. Who don't know it, its a Aircraft Carrier Mod. If I respawn I respawn at the normal surface but I would like to respawn on the ship. Can somebody help me? Respawn are handled by ACE3. Thanks
  6. Hello Community, I brain teasering a long time. Search the web for a solution but I don`t find something. Can someone help. Know someone to place a 3D Marker in the editor like the E3 2012 presentation from ArmA 3? Like this?
  7. Hello Community, have somebody an idea how to include the BI Group Managment Script into a custom mission? Can't find sources or others. Thank u
  8. holzflasche

    Ingame music trigger

    I agreed with hawk_silk
  9. holzflasche

    Help me with my new computer

    Are all drivers are up to date. Which Windows are u use? Try to update to updated ur drivers at first. If that don`t work, read the Performance Guide by incontrovertible https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/155563-arma-3-performance-tweaks-and-settings-guide/
  10. I don't think so. VBS3 features are completly incompatible with arma 3. And BI and BIS are don`t really work together. But should be nice
  11. Yes at the beginning in the mission.sqm is a addons list. Delete the addon files (should be the last) and it works.
  12. holzflasche

    Arma3 available for Linux

    Yes the Server runs on Linux server since along time. But the Client needs more than a Server. API and other things.
  13. holzflasche

    Needing help with A3 and Linux

    ArmA 3 don't support Linux. Wine doesn`t support DX11. You shoult try PlayonLinux, but I think that don't help you.
  14. holzflasche

    New player: Suggest Mods?

    If you like better graphics, try Blastcore and JSRS 3. If you like realistic gameplay, try CSE, Task Force Radio, AGM and Alive. Btw ArmA 3 got massive mods with new armys like RHS, BW Mod and others. Try the editor and create your own missions, it make mor fun to see an own working missiom as Altis Life. PS Altis Life isn't a mod, is only a mission file with some scripts.
  15. Can't wait to use this mod. Your work was awesome on Arma 2. I hope it will be better on Arma 3 with more realistic and new features. My respect to you.