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    v1.3.3 No sound

    So, it appears the first time the app is opened I have sound. But if I pause, let the screen shut off, then come back. That's when the sound is lost.
  2. ynpmoose

    v1.3.3 No sound

    Android version has new update that fixes sounds...great. Update complete, now there are no sounds at all. Running on Samsung Galaxy S6 Active with Android 7.0
  3. ynpmoose

    Bug: Arma 3 campaign Resurgent West

    Same problem here...
  4. ynpmoose

    co10 Escape

    Regarding the disconnected players respawning as AI. Looks like it is maybe fixed in the inbound hotfix: https://dev.arma3.com/post/spotrep-00065 "Fixed: The BIS_fnc_initRespawn handle disconnect event was returning true and causing units previously controlled by a disconnected player to be transferred to the server and become AI "
  5. ynpmoose

    MINIDAYZ Feedback Tracker

    - Bare hands against a single zombie can be OK, or death. Versus 3 zombies and you are likely dead. - Zombie speed seems too high - Manage to get a pipe wrench, zombies knock it out of my hand, dead