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  1. Amazing ! Do You guys pretend to launch a open beta This year ? Best cold war mod for a3 such High quality and hardwork ! About the vehicles , will we see some t54s , ot-64 , brdms ? Sorry if forgot to see all the wip images ...
  2. I love Iraq maps ! That's great ! If You want High fidelity in This map i highly recomend you to use opx objects , they are so well made like jbad buildings !
  3. Luka

    [DA3] The Congo Crisis

    I love This mod since it was anounced , i expect to see some cool soviet assests From the guerrilas ! Do You pretend to launch a open beta in This year ?
  4. Hey Massi , the Hillux is very buggy , the steering wheel is strange and the tire looks like is levitating , could you fix that ?
  5. I love your mod dude , but my community love mix all the mods , and we mix CSE with AGM , we like you medical sys , but we wish to mix CSE + AGM + VTN MOD , please in the future open the option to delete this system please ! ;)
  6. I love this mod but i can't put in my community because we don't have a way to disable/delete this medical system , can you please do this for us ( everyone )???
  7. Luka

    [SP/Coop 04] Contention Zone

    Very atmospheric !