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  1. just like the title says i need to link a created group to a high command subordinate module so i can gain control of them after creation. how i have this setup the player group clears a town, trigger goes off that creates a new group of soldiers using the BIC call function. but thats all i got, it needs to be that after they are created the group is then linked to the HCS subordinate module that way i gain control of that group. ive tried using the synchronizeObjectsAdd function, however to my dismay the group doesnt have a name... and if they do i cannot find it to place that in the correct order to allow this to happen. also i cannot give the unit a name do to the way they are created apparently. Here's what i have in the trigger activation :[position player, WEST, configfile >> "CfgGroups" >> "West" >> "OPTRE_UNSC" >> "Infantry_Marine" >> "OPTRE_Groups_UNSC_Squad_Marine"] call BIS_fnc_spawngroup; Alpha_2_2 synchronizeObjectsAdd [HCS]; right now i figure as im looking at the high command menu that this group is alpha 2_2, (there are numerous reasons for thinking this) but it all boils down to that i cannot link the group leader to the actual HCS module because i cannot go in and edit his "name" to do so. and i have no idea how to issue him one.
  2. ok, so after testing around for a bit with the code you guys gave me, i finally have found the solution... this code which i placed in my activation field creates the specific group. gives it a name and connects it to the high command. which means, that the only thing different between this and the above mentioned code is that you cannot place a local variable in the var name (well you can but you wont be able to call on it later when it expects a global variable) i can see this becoming a problem though.... maybe. ill have to test it out with this script spawning multiple groups. but im pretty sure it will only spawn one at this point since this group will get the name mygrp2 and once another group tries to spawn with that same name it wont allow it to spawn. but i guess if anything i can just go up the list eh? mygrp2, 3, 4 for as many as needed.... mygrp2 = [position player, WEST, configfile >> "CfgGroups" >> "West" >> "OPTRE_UNSC" >> "Infantry_Marine" >> "OPTRE_Groups_UNSC_Squad_Marine"] call BIS_fnc_spawngroup; player hcSetGroup [mygrp2];
  3. when i use the _spawngrp, it keeps saying a local variable is trying to be used in a global space. right at the player HCsetgroup [_spawngrp]; part. nothing else has changed so far. i also tried the next suggestion and it still doesnt add the new created group to the High command subordinate module. soo i dont know how it worked for you guys but it doesnt want to work for me.
  4. I believe I tried setting the call function to a var name but it didn't work the editor only returned a scripting error. I don't know why though cause if you spawn multiple groups that way it should still work and it would set the var name to mygroup2_1, mygroup2_2 and up as It does that automatically for things created with the same name. If anyone can test this out for me id appreciate it. I have to go to work unfortunately
  5. Hey guys. i know this isnt in the discussion of your thread, but i cannot find a thread to relate to this. so to get it out there. i just need some quick help, im using the high command module/subordinate command module to implement it into my game. however whenever i preveiw the mission it gives me command of every unit in the base, for example when the game starts i want to simply be the commander of three tasks forces. i linked it all up the right way, but when i drop a BLUFOR site (base) all of the spawned units are also under my command even though i never linked them to it. if you all could give me some help id greatly appreciate it!... if you want (may be against the rules. if so let me know it wont happen again) but email me a response at howardfish at live(dot)com ill be able to get the info faster! thanks!