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  1. Thx for your reply NodUnit ! It´s only a little Problem, everything else works fine for my opinion ! you have my great respect for this project ! :pc: I wish you a happy new year ! Greets Matze
  2. I use the version for arma3. bypass the start procedure is no problem. I go everytime in this way (sorry for english mistakes I´m german!) : Start as co pilot when in air: go to IHADSS Toggle "right mouse click" to use the TADS over Optical Relay Tube then i can move the IHADSS with mouse an zoom with ZB+ ZB- FIR or DTV then over mouse wheel: "take control of Helicopter" and Go to "autohover" to scout the area when i go then to Optical Relay Tube, i can´t move the mouse in anyway Fact: i can fly or take gunner but not both is it a version problem, like you said ?
  3. Hello, at first congratulations to your outstanding mod! many thx and have a good year in 2015! :-) I have only one question: if I fly at the co pilot seat, is it possible from there in any way to give the pilot the order to go to autohover mode and then for myself to use the Optical Relay Tube and dtv by using the mouse with zoom function to identify visual targets ? I can't get it to work.
  4. Thx for the quick answer ! You know why that, i think it´s not realistic, and a pity?
  5. Thx for this nice Mod Kimi - think its a lot of work ! I have only one question: I fly the AH-64D - is it right there, that i can fire Hydra´s only from Pilots´s seat postition ? In Gunner Position they are not available. Greets Matze