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  1. Hello!


    I had problems with animations in motions.




    As seen in the video, the character moves, but moves on the spot.


    Step by step what I did -


    1. Animated in 3ds Max.

    2. Export to FBX.

    3. Import FBX (animation and sceletion) to Object Builder.

    4.Export Matrice (in OB export to .rtm)




    Set walk.rtm and run.rtm to animation config Men A3.


    What am I doing wrong?

    Where can I find a tutorial on character animation?



  2. It looks amazing, you make a big step in the development of the project!



    They are absolutely gorgeous, romzet! :wub:



    Also, development into the PDA is looking (and going) awesome. What's left is a couple of the menus and I'll be happy to PM you the file. In addition, the PDA will also be attached to a custom in-game notification, which is very identical to the one in S.T.A.L.K.E.R. As for its code, I have relentlessly worked on special code that remembers and restores it back into the PDA, as well as easy-to-use functions to create tasks, diary notes, etc. Here are a couple of screenshots. As you can see, the tasks menu is a little different, but I have pushed ArmA 3's abilities to the max on this particular menu (including the contacts menu, which is still under WIP). As for the map menu, I plan to add some more gizmos the player can use for the map.



    Map Menu:





    Tasks Menu:





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