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    From what I've figured out, the menu is accessible before you join/start the game (when hosting locally on LAN) The briefing page with the map (I think just after selecting your role....or before) Although, I haven't figured out how to change the parameters. Beat it tonight..lucky spawn :D
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    Hi Guys, have literally just signed up just to pat you guys on the back for this mod :) Well done I downloaded it on Saturday and have been playing it since. Awesome, atmospheric and stressful I loathe the tornados, always about at the most inopportune times (yeah I know you can turn them off), Earthquakes also have a knack of going off whilst i'm inside too. Not really found anything horribly wrong with the mod, other than perhaps the tornado sound effects? The source of the sound appears to stay where the tornado started from, doesn't follow it around the map, but that may be just me. I suppose the other thing, which may have been mentioned, is when trying to launch single player mission, I usually die before the intro screen has finished. Can team switch to another character, but the Armageddon effects don't seem to kick off. All in all, love it though, top stuff