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    Hello Humans, @ super-truite and his crew, thank you so much for this mod !!! It is absolutely fantastic !! The effects, visuals etc. As Hellreign stated, I also just signed up to the forum to congratulate you guys !!! I thank a certain youtuber for opening our eyes, mine and 3 of my friends, to this mod. We must of put over 5 hours of failed attempts into this mod, mostly due to getting side tracked byt the visual then getting picked up and spat out by a tornado, blown up by cars, floating in the water, killing AI etc etc etc. I have read this whole thread and I can see most peoples responses and experiences have been positive, keep up the good work !!! I know you guys are still putting in a lot of work as you have explained with regards to the tide and AI reacting to it and that you do not want to reveal to much with regards to the future of this mod BUT !! please please give me a wink, nod or a smiley face icon if you are busy planning on creating a multiplayer that has lets say 30 people playing it at once, three factions, Op for 10, Blue for 10, Independent 10. All three factions battling it out trying to escape :P