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    Our first YiR video of 2020:
  2. Carpe Noctem Tactical Operations Carpe Noctem Tactical Operations was founded in 2014 as an Arma 3 community that aims to balance a realistic combat environment with fun gameplay. We play missions on Tuesday and Friday using a custom modset designed to improve your Arma experience. The average age of our members is 25 years old, mostly from Europe and we want to attract mature and motivated people to the community. Both Arma veterans and newcomers to the series are welcome to join CNTO - previous Arma experience is appreciated but not required. Carpe Noctem is not a community that calls each other "sir" or features other role-playing aspects generally associated with milsim units. We use a rank structure, but it serves administrative purposes only, in daily interactions we are completely equal to one another. Our play style is semi-serious and in many respects very similar to ShackTac. We employ real tactics, techniques and procedures adapted for Arma 3. Our goal is to have serious fun, not a tedious boot camp simulation. We are a friendly, relaxed and organized community that enjoys playing a variety of games together and have a good laugh. We understand that players have other responsibilities and our core principle is that real-life always has priority. Our minimum attendance ratio is one event per two months. Requirements: Minimum age: 21+ (rare exceptions are possible for applicants between 18-20) Friendly, respectful, good-natured and mature. Timezone range: between UTC-2 and UTC+3 Intermediate English - both spoken and written We offer: Active, mature and friendly environment Flexible attendance policy Membership in other communities is allowed Coop or PvP sessions every Tuesday and Friday, 20:00 UTC+1 Non-mandatory trainings Mod collection with dedicated repository Dedicated servers hosted in EU, exclusive to our members On-demand organization of various other game sessions Most prominent mods used: Inhouse developed CNTO Mods Advanced Combat Environment 3 (ACE3) Advanced Combat Radio Environment 2 (ACRE2) CUP Terrains RHS Escalation Where you can find us: Website: https://www.carpenoctem.co/ Teamspeak: ts3server://ts.carpenoctem.co Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/4EkAKg4 Twitter: https://twitter.com/CarpeNoctemArma
  3. Carpe Noctem - Tactical Operations Carpe Noctem is a rapidly growing and enthusiastic Arma 3 PvP and Coop community, with mature members offering years of experience in both Arma 2 and Arma 3. The average age of our members is 25, mostly from central Europe and we aim to attract reliable, dedicated and motivated people to join our ranks. Our play style is semi-casual and in many respects very similar to ShackTac on which a lot of our documentation is based upon. Calling each other by rank or "sir", or forcing you to take 12 hours of theoretical classes before you can play is not something we do. Our goal is to have serious fun, not a tedious boot camp simulation. We do employ a rank structure but it serves administrative purposes only - in daily interactions on TeamSpeak and the forums we are completely equal to one another. Our community runs on a system of representation: meaning each Recruit, Grunt and Specialist (i.e. "Community Player Base") has a JrNCO assigned to them. JrNCO's have NCO's assigned to them etc. On the top you'll find three members who have equal voting power over the development of the vision / strategy for the community. Thus we have created a system of checks and balances whereas there will never be one single person calling all the shots. It is important to us not to create superfluous ranks to stroke someone’s ego, each rank comes with a specific set of obligations and is never awarded based on how long one has been a member, but on how much extra work one is willing to put into the community. In short if you joined to only participate in operations and trainings you'll remain a Grunt, but your mission enjoyment won't be impeded. Grunts can choose from a great variety of battlefield roles, whether this is being an Automatic Rifleman, a Fireteam Leader, a Helicopter Pilot or a Tank Gunner, and almost everything in between. Carpe Noctem desires to provide an immersive and captivating experience thus we employ several mods such as AGM and TFAR. Our server presets always include 1st person only, disabling of crosshairs / map shift markers and disabling of AI radio chatter. We never employ rifle scopes beyond 1x magnification because the AI is not able to be a competent threat at greater distance and we like a challenge in Coop scenarios. The majority of our events will be offering unlimited respawns (but only one pre-scheduled reinsertions per hour) with the occasional operation in which a "one-life-only" rule will be present - for example a convoy mission through enemy territory. PvP missions do not feature respawns, however we offer an advanced spectator mode to observe the action if you get taken out or join late. We expect: Minimum age: 21+ Minimum English skill level: Intermediate Timezone range: between UTC-2 and UTC+3 Sense of maturity and fellowship Motivation and dedication Desire for some serious fun Owning a legit copy of Arma 3 A working headset / microphone We offer: A community that is made by friends, for friends. Two operations per week, duration 2-4 hours per event. One training session per week, duration 1.5-2 hours per event. In-house made mod collection updated automatically via Arma3sync FTP client. Frequent organisation of various game sessions like Counterstrike, Dota 2, LoL, Breaking Point, etc. Most prominent mods used: AllinArma Terrain Pack AGM (In the process of switching to ACE3) TFAR (In the process of switching to ACRE2) MCC Sandbox A3 RHS Escalation ShackTac Fireteam HUD & Stamina Bar Many more, including: CAF Aggressors, CSAT Modification Project, RDS Static Weapons, etc. Contact Information: Website: www.carpenoctem.co TeamSpeak:
  4. You get the position simulation from data within the game. If you're not in the game how could you know who's dead and who's alive? It's not a bug, it is what it is. Cheers, BullHorn.