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    i have watched psi syndicate play this mod and he brings up a menu where you can change the settings that are to do with the mod. how can i do this? i have literally spammed my keyboard and still haven't found the button :)
  2. is this mod gonna get updated at all? been over a week and no new news? a bug fix and FPS improvement would be nice
  3. any one know why the fps is piss poor in this mod?
  4. yes i have it all up to date but still no luck _update_ its now working but dayum the frames are poor. im on 12fps on LOW , on breaking point i get 40 fps on high :/
  5. sorry but that dosnt fix it for me , i still get Network Fault or you use illegal save file, please reset the network and do not use other computer to play
  6. i get this issue at the moment - prntscr . com/51hy68 if i was to click on arma 3 on the launcher and then go from there , i get this stupid network / illegal copy crap can any one help me out please