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    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    Is at all feasible to make the medical system usable by AI? If so this mod would literally jump to god-tier levels of awesome!
  2. The_Event_Horizon

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    Just as the title implies, i got killed inside an APC by small arms fire, even the HMGs puncture in 1 shot, i know the armor being impervious to penetration by a .50 is crazy, but so is having said .50 cal ripping through the armor in one shot as opposed to several. Can you tweak that in the config individually or will i have to wait for an update? Thanks for all the hard work so far!
  3. The_Event_Horizon

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    Really, really fantastic work you guys, this is easily the best "enhancement" mod i've used for Arma and even one of the best i've used period. Now i primarily play SP scenarios with AI in Arma, and this has lead me to my only 2 gripes with this mod...my ai squadmates no longer talk at all , the silence is a little awkward and down right immersion breaking at times, and the other issue i have may not be as easy a fix: now my ai medics are completely useless, i basically become honorary medic for the squad and since i can't choose classes in the scenario i primarily play i can't even perform all the necessary actions. Is there any way to enable a simplified version of medical system solely for ai so they can at least self-heal/medics be useful again. Besides those two problems this mod is flawless! easily 10/10! :D