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  1. Adeubal

    PG Services (PMC)

    Whyyyyyyyy ? It was great to easely find PG Stuff inside arsenal or shop. By the way, good to see this mod updated regulary.
  2. Seriously?!!??...... Does this error break your mission ? I don't thing so. It's a minimal problem comparing all the work. We use 3/4 of the mods released by him and we really like it.
  3. Adeubal

    EricJ Release thread

    Kind answer sir. I was just "thinking aloud" and we have already lot of gun and fun with your pack. A3 can wait :o
  4. Adeubal

    ASR AI 3

    Excellent answer Robalo. I will check that with my team to found the perfect parameter :) Thanks and i encourage yourself to continue this mod.
  5. Adeubal

    EricJ Release thread

    IRL first. After that, take a break, inhale a lot, and come back to us full of energy to extend your fantastic work ! And like santa claus, bring US a Mk48 and a M40A3... Ok ok just kidding. Good luck IRL
  6. Adeubal

    ASR AI 3

    Great mod ! I love to see AI using their RPG and throwing grenade at me. Need to be more carefull. And when you see an AI RPG destroying a fixed AH-64 (with a stupid human confident pilot) : priceless. I know the new BIS patch destroy, again, a great mod, but we want to prepare our next step. I may have a dumb question : - Does this mod work with leights opfor ? It seems to because AI fire at choppers with RPG. But I prefer to ask 3 others questions : - In the "server" usersetting, we can add faction at the bottom, right ? And we can modify them to put more or less power for each faction ? - Is there another way to modify the AI level INSIDE a mission ? Or do we need to change this inside the user config ? - Does MCC parameters (rookie to vétéran) change anything at all or ASR "erase" all settings ? Thx by advance
  7. Adeubal

    3CB BAF Equipment

    Good luck for the next step. You have the greatest UK Mod so far :)
  8. Hi everyone, We have some difficulty to config the medical parameters. We put player playerDamageThreshold at 2 : too high. We are Rambo ^^. 1.5 seems fine. If we activate "medicalrevive", no one can die, even with a frontal helicopter crash at full speed. We understand after why. But after 240 secs : the player die. Logical If we deactivate "medicalrevive", people can die, but maybe too easely. Player hardly going to coma and medic are... pretty useless because everyone can heal himself. Maybe i'm dumb and don't understand anything so i'm begging your help. Does some peple have advices ? An idea ? Maybe server.cfg for exemple.
  9. [DAMN]2 little questions : - Will it be a full single download (like CUP Weapons) or differents parts for each factions ? - And CUP Weapons must be installed or not ?[/DAMN] Found my answer inside a 20th april post : CUP_units will need CUP_weapons and both are needed to CUP_vehicles... Ok!
  10. Adeubal

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Hi guys, May I ask two questions ? : - There is no more TFAR radio inside RHS Humvee. Haven't seen anything inside bugtracker so I imagine it comes from me. Is there any parameters to inser or change ? I have seen you are ACRE compatible but doesn't seen if it change for TFAR users - Can you tell us the script to bring back Mk18, M4 block II ? :D It's to impress friend with non standard rifles.... Yeah, I know... Child play Thanks for your work.
  11. Confirmed. Australia kill Panthera & Isla Duala. A shame. But we prefer Icebreakr maps instead of Australia.
  12. [NOPE]I have a little problem with CUP : i can't see some of DLC weapons with it. Particulary SPMG and the heavy alternative. Is it a know bug or only for me ? Have tried with lot of mods, it only happend with CUP activated. Good luck for you next upgrade with vehicles.[/NOPE] Sorry, it's all working. Only a problem into our dedi server
  13. We use MCC too... I will check without MCC to see if it change anything but I doubt it. Nevertheless, ACE is a great mod, especially for the ability to parameter it how you like.
  14. Yes! Blessing SilentSpyke, we found some of parameters. Excellent ! We will try "live" on our next mission. Yes! Damage threshold inside values !!!!! Yeeeeeeeess! BUT (yeah I know...) there isn't one option i would like to see : - Adrenaline must be use by medics. But you can't change that. Sadly :/ Can we ask for this options or it is definitly hard coded ? We will try "revive" to see what is it :) excellent excellent !
  15. .... Sorry. Failed to found that usefull link. Thanks or sorry for my useless post.