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    Zero Dark Thirty

    Von Quest, will you be signing this mod for MP use on a dedicated server? I've tested a few parts such as EOD and Sniper/Scout/Stealth on a dedicated server with key verification off and they work perfectly fine, with no impact to the servers FPS or CPS with 20-30 players and 100+ AI. We really like the EOD Bomb-buddy for sniffing out mines instead of the arma way and the Sniper/Scout/Stealth for increased immersion/stealth, but was hoping to get you to sign them so we can turn key verification on. Nonetheless keep up the good work, it's really fun for smaller scaled co-op missions and has a lot of potential on the larger scale mp side of things.
  2. Any rough estimate when the next update will be? Just looking forward to the good work!
  3. Hello teriyaki, Is it possible to get the server key for this mod? Very Respectfully, Moss
  4. moss

    Bornholm, Denmark [Terrain]

    I'm not sure if anyone is having this issue, but when certain buildings are destroyed, the ones that are not from arma 3, they play the destroy animation and then simply fall into the ground and disappear. I sure hope that this is only an issue on my part, but if it is not then I'd hope for a fix. Otherwise great map!