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    United States Air Force( 2015)

    I have only pulled the C17 Pbo and it throws the cfgfactionclasses and its missing it. do i need to pull another file to make it go away? or can I change one of the config files so its not looking for the USAF class?
  2. uberalpha51

    United States Air Force( 2015)

    Hey sgt fuller first off I want to say that the USAF pack is outstanding! Secondly, I am trying to add just the C17 into my units mod pack. I am running into to some faction issues. I changed the faction in the config multiple times and keep getting the CfgFactionClasses.(faction) error. Is there another file within the C17 that I need to change?
  3. Shay_gman is this going to be fixed in a future update? Because if its the code listed up above then it needs to be removed some how, if its more complicated then that please let us know. Because this halts missions making for people that use MCC and Zeus to create maps. Not much is being said about this error. Thanks.
  4. Hello all, not sure if anyone else has commented about the error that is encountered at line 432. "Config: End of line encountered after expCond".Error is encountered when saving a map made in mcc and then saved and loaded.
  5. Having a problem with using the save all feature in MCC. When clicking save all to sqm its not saving the MCC missions to my clipboard and usually when its done saving it pops up "saved to clipboard" on the screen.
  6. Anyone else having problems using the save all feature in mcc?
  7. Im not sure if it was doing it before the last update my arma clan just started using the Terrain pack. Its just crashing my game when i load into the preview after placing items down.
  8. When i load into the preview it freezes my game and then crashes. It doesn't give a pop up just saying there was a problem and it stopped responding.
  9. Hey guys I am creating a map in Southern Sahrani. And for some reason after placing a few items in the map, and then clicking preview the game freezes, and crashes with no error or saying what happened. Is anyone else having this issue or able to recreate it??