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  1. Yo fingolfin I just noticed something on your Wilcox riser. Please don't mind me for being too picky. But shouldn't the BUIS also be mounted on the Wilcox system? There is a small front section that rise the front BUIS too, so the shooter would have perfect cowitness between the optic and BUIS.


  2. 4 hours ago, fingolfin said:


    I would like to, but AFAIK there is no model available for purchase.


    In the meantime, I replaced the EXPS3-0s on the Wilcox flip mounts with XPS3-0s since Delta doesn’t use the former (which I never noticed before). The EXPS3-0 will still be available without the Wilcox mount.




    The next update will also add magazines with the X135 70 Grain Brown-Tip TSX ammo. The values will come from this chart: https://www.barnesbullets.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/Barnes-CFR-Specs-and-Ballistics.pdf If anyone has any additional info - please let me know!

    Man, I never expected to see a fully clone correct Delta 416 in Arma 3. The only thing that seems inaccurate is the selector. AFAIK Delta and DEVGRU has never used ambi-selector on HK416.

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  3. 11 hours ago, fingolfin said:

    Hey guys,


    it has been quite a long time without any news/updates. Sorry for that! I’ve been busy with real-life stuff (especially before Christmas) but it is not like there hasn’t been some progress on the mod. On the other hand, it will take still a bit of time until the next release and here’s why:


    After Cody updated some of his models, I started to rework some of the optics and since I had to change many of the models anyway, I decided to change the pbo file structure of the mod. That won’t affect your mission since all the old classnames will be kept but it probably will affect some of the retexture mods. As an upside, this will make it easier for me to release and maintain a separate optics mod many people asked for.


    In the process of revamping the mod also some less-common optic variants and laser light combos will be scrapped. As an example: Since only NSWDG uses the Midwest M-LOK handguard for the HK416s it will only feature the M600V, M600U and WML in combination with the LA5 or NGAL as possible laser/light combos. The old classnames will now be linked to one of the existing classes, so your mission will not be broken (and gameplaywise there is almost no difference between the different lights). 

    Speaking of lights, all LA5 and NGAL attachments will use the new IR feature in ArmA and so will some of the flashlights like the X300V (you can switch between IR and visible light).


    I will also rework most/all rvmats. These are a pain to get right but I am slowly getting there.


    In addition to that, some new stuff has been added over the last few weeks...


    The mod is finally getting all the goodies for a decent CAG HK416: 




    (New are the SF M600U, the Wilcox flip mount, the Geissele T-2 mount, the KAC micro sights, the cut-down A2 grip and the SF SOCOM suppressor.)


    The SR-25s are getting some love too:




    (Finally, a KAC URX-4 Keymod handguard...)


    And last but not least, a lot of Glock stuff is going on:



    (Glock 17 Gen 3)



    (Glock 19 Gen 4)



    (Glock 19 Gen 5, rvmat is still WIP)


    I can give no approximate release date since I have absolutely no idea when this will be done, but the mod is not dead and still being worked on.


    Merry Christmas to all celebrating! 🙂

    This is the best Arma 3 weapons mod, lol.


    BTW, I believe you can mount the LaRue handstop directly to the Geissele MK1 handguard with a screw, no need for a 1913 rail section.


    Also, is that a G19 Gen 5 MOS 3 I'm looking at?

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  4. 7 hours ago, Disgusting_Man said:

    Hi! I wanted to ask if you can show some new vests loadouts that will be added with next update. And will we have glasses+balaclava and new glasses with shemags variations? I hope to see an update at least during 2022))

    You can find answers in their Discord server.

  5. 9 hours ago, Operator1984 said:

    I heard about it from a pretty reputable source on devtsix quite some time ago, but apologies if I'm mistaken

    I can see why 24th STS replaced their own HK416s with LMT 12.5s. But they using 416s handed from DEVGRU just doesn't make any sense to me. Several Special Tactics Squadrons have used HK416 for at least a decade. They don't really have to issue used guns from DEVGRU.

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  6. 11 hours ago, Operator1984 said:


    AFSOC, specifically, the 24th Special Tactics Squadron. They've contracted Lewis Machine and Tool to manufacture the new SO (Special Operations, civspec upper is called the SPECWAR) carbine, replacing their HK416s that were handed down from DEVGRU.




    Video didn't say anything related to AFSOC or 24th STS. Do you have other sources?


    11 hours ago, bars91 said:


    AFSOC (Air Force Spec Ops Comm) - literally says so in the post )

    AFSOC is a huge command, with tons of special tactics units under it. Image being a smart ass and thinking other people doesn't know what AFSOC is...

  7. 13 hours ago, fingolfin said:


    In the future? Yes. But not in the next update. I’m not sure how many new model parts would be needed. The handguard for sure and the Magpul SL-K stock most used. The upper and lower show no differences to most other AR-15s at the first look but I am not sure on this.

    The upper is a Gen III Upper Receiver, very similar to the BCM MK2. The FA is moved forward to avoid interference with the sling, while the left side is reinforced to minimize POI shift when any external force on the handguard is changed.


    The lower is a Gen I Lower Receiver, basically a mil-spec one w/o any ambi control and enlarged magwell that are popular in the civilian market. Most JSOC HK416 lowers I have seen also doesn't include any ambi fire selectors.


    If you want more info, you can visit the Noveske NSWDG / DEVGRU / SEAL Team 6 Carbine - Pics, Discussion, Clones thread on AR15.COM. Also check out tinycrumb's Reddit post and IG account. He was the first one to post the details on the internet.

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  8. 14 hours ago, gatordev said:

    I was actually wondering if I missed an update, but I guess Steam says no.  I was out of the Arma game completely for a couple of months due to a new job and then had to install Arma on a new machine from scratch, so everything should be good, but hadn't seen some of the fantastic updates you've teased us with.


    Now with Prarrie Fire and the other already existing jungle maps, I was wondering if you had considered doing woodland textures.  I totally understand this is a huge undertaking (and I can't remember if you had responded to this before), but since either Tier 2 or higher units are working in various tropical locales, it would seem a great addition.


    Regardless...Thanks again for making all of this for us.  It's still a great addon.


    18 hours ago, Disgusting_Man said:

    Hi, Fingolfin! How the work is going? Maybe you can tease us with some new WIP pictures?))

    This mod is already one of the best mod in the history of Arma. And it's free and developed by only one people. You guys might as well have some patience.

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  9. 41 minutes ago, fingolfin said:


    Right now, most JSOC units run Glock 17s and Glock 19s. The SIG P320 was spotted on a DEVGRU operator in the pictures of the 2020 Kabul attacks, that’s why it is in the mod.


    At the moment, I have no plans for further handguns (other than the Glock 17 &19 variants mentioned above).

    Ever considered making a GLOCK 17 Gen 5 MOS 3? It's a GLOCK OEM direct-milled slide for Leupold DPP foorprint. And it's currently in service within USASOC and JSOC.



  10. I think the handguard on the Knight's M110K5 is wrong. Real life 14.5'' SR-25/M110 upper has a 13'' URX handguard so there's a lot of clearance between the muzzle thread and the handguard. The M110K5 in the mod has a 15" URX 4, which is only seen on 16" uppers. The direct thread suppressor also looks off from its real life counterpart.


    I forgot how to upload screenshots to this forum so these are pics from Knight's website for your reference.




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  11. On 2/26/2021 at 8:29 AM, Rainyday68 said:

    there was a guy that holding mcx with folding visor stock with us flag on his helmet and  his vest in link that i shared,i didn't know that he was european,sorry my bad

    The guy you mentioned is Lucas Botkin. He's a US civilian and competition shooter and CEO of T-Rex Arms. I did not say he's a European. I said the stock is a European thing because it is mainly designed for European market. A lot of European LE units use large face visors/armors which makes it almost impossible to use any traditional buttstock design, hence why its a European thing. There's no need to use this stock if you are just going to wear a gas mask or NVG. We can never be sure if this stock will ever be purchased by US SOF. But it's safe to assume that it will never get into any wide use.


    The other thing you mentioned, the HK416A5, is also likely never been fielded by the US military. Its large and unprotected left side mag release is infamously known to accidentally release the mag if pressed against the gears in front of left handed shooters' body.

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  12. 2 hours ago, fingolfin said:
    On 2/9/2021 at 8:19 PM, ljcsteam said:

    Have you considered adding handstops to this mod?


    Could be done. Is there a certain model that is most used by US SOF?

    I don't know if there is any handstop with a NSN. But I know Delta use modified LaRue handstops on their Geissele 416 handguards all the time. Personally I think Magpul, RailScales and Arisaka Defense handstops are all viable options as they are all inexpensive and easily accessible products.

  13. 16 minutes ago, fingolfin said:


    That is good to know, thanks! So, EXPS3-0 is the way to go for carbines.

    Yes, the only way a SOCOM unit can procure a EXPS3-2 is through a commercial channel. It's possible but I highly doubt any unit will do so just for the extra reticle dot.


    Btw, do you plan on adding any high power optics? ECOS-O is a really great option for the existing KAC M110 platform. 

  14. 2 hours ago, PuFu said:

    indeed. i know it exists, i have no idea if it is actually in use and fielded. But since i plan doing the SCAR-L military version (so it is an MK16 anyways), not sure how to do it. still.

    5.56 NATO conversion kit are used by 75th Rangers Regiment for years. Here is a perfect example, might help you with your development: 


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  15. 9 minutes ago, wendyvonbraun said:

    I feel like the only weapon that suppressor could go with would be the PKP, I don't really think it's compatible with much else. That would be pretty cool to see a special forces version of the PKP though.

    It's designed for 7.62 NATO originally. But it can be used on other calibers even 5.56 NATO, according to the AAC official website. I feel it can be used on something like SR-25 ECC.