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    i'm a gamer girl who likes to play fps games. Gaming is pretty much my life but i'm kinda tired of playing childish games so now i'm trying to focus on this simulator to look for some realism. I hope i can get good at it, wish me luck guys XoXo <3
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  1. Maria-Vivekaviarti

    Female heads Mod (yes, another one)

    omfg this is what i'm looking for! female soldier! <3 this totally fits a girl like me :D keep up the good work! i'm waiting for this ;)
  2. Maria-Vivekaviarti

    [WIP] Mafia Life

    it'll be really cool if you add some classic mafia guns like Tommy Gun and Remington 870 :)
  3. Maria-Vivekaviarti

    Custom Face

    i'd really love to see some women's faces in this game for i myself am a girl :( anybody kind enough to create a woman soldier for me?
  4. Maria-Vivekaviarti

    Star Trek: Road to the Stars

    i would love to see some Spock lol XD
  5. Maria-Vivekaviarti

    At the sharp end... Bayonets!

    wow very cool mod! finally i can go ninja on someone's butt ;)
  6. :( so sad T_T but it's alright, this is absolutely an awesome mod especially for Halo lovers :) keep up the good work, spacenavy90! ;)
  7. Maria-Vivekaviarti

    The New York City Project

    omg new york! the greatest fashion city!!! <3 this gonna be the greatest Arma's map! really excited for this! :D the city is designed so lovely <3 keep the good work, Bracer! :D
  8. ahahahahahaha! XD i can't stop laughing my ass off! this is hands down the best sound mod ever created lol release it already! you got my vote ;)
  9. i would love to see Master Chief in Arma :D he's so freaking hot! <3 please make it happen...
  10. Maria-Vivekaviarti

    Jurassic Arma

    this is a very creative mod, really love it ;) keep the good work <3 would you mind adding Spinosaurus to this mod? i love that creature, it beats the hell outta T-Rex ;) anyway where can i download your mod?
  11. Maria-Vivekaviarti

    AI Configuration - feedback

    imho the AI is kinda dumb, nuff said...
  12. Maria-Vivekaviarti

    Agm vs cse vs ace

    i've never tried AGM & CSE, but i'd really like to see ACE back...