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  1. Hey Lax, been waiting for something like this for quite sometime, I do have a question though, how would I go about randomizing the civilians attire, for example when using 3CB factions, they only provide 4-5 civilian types but they randomize the clothing and so forth, and when using Bohemia's civilian modules I place the following in the module's init field to get a randomizing effect;

    _this adduniform selectRandom ["UK3CB_TKC_C_U_01","UK3CB_TKC_C_U_01_B","UK3CB_TKC_C_U_01_C","UK3CB_TKC_C_U_01_D","UK3CB_TKC_C_U_01_E","UK3CB_TKC_C_U_02", 
    _this addheadgear selectRandom ["UK3CB_TKC_H_Turban_01_1","UK3CB_TKC_H_Turban_01_1","UK3CB_TKC_H_Turban_01_2","UK3CB_TKC_H_Turban_01_3", 
    _this setFace selectRandom ["PersianHead_A3_01", "PersianHead_A3_02", "PersianHead_A3_03"]; 
    _this setSpeaker selectRandom ["Male01PER", "Male02PER", "Male03PER"]; 
     removeGoggles _this; 

    Appreciate your hard work mate 👍

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  2. For anyone who is still having issues with getting their custom radio key sounds working, export your custom sounds as 48000hz instead of 44100hz, this has fixed it on my end as I was using Audacity to export the sounds and it kept exporting as 44100hz even when I manually changed the setting to export as 48000hz, so I opened the sounds in sony vegas and exported as 48000hz and it worked perfectly.

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  3. xMq0Zrg.png





    1. Must be 21+ at the time of enlistment.
    2. Must speak fluent English.
    3. Must be able to make events in the CDT time zone 2000 hours.

    4. Be able to commit a reasonable amount of time to the unit.



    We are the 1st Marine Raider Battalion Milsim unit, The 1st Marine Raider Battalion is composed of a membership that is elite in skill, and is constantly striving for perfection and our goal is to represent the 1st Marine Raider Battalion to the best of our abilities in and outside of the game. We are a unit of close-knit individuals that like to have fun and play Arma in a realistic fashion. Because of our specific mindset, we are looking for people that are similar in thought and are enthusiastic by wanting to better oneself within the Milsim community. We also expect a professional attitude, and members to be mature, professional and have the will to take initiative in intense situations.

    The skills you will be taught in the Marine Special Operations Command may also be used in the real world, as what we teach you is from real life experience and pre-taught knowledge, the current serving personnel within the Marine Special Operations Command realism unit range from soon to be military to active or ex-military personnel meaning what we teach you is coming from real experience.

    Candidates will go through a series of courses to make sure that they are ready to take on the challenges the 1st Marine Raider Battalion will come across in combat. These courses will range from battle drills to learning and familiarization with various U.S. and foreign weapon systems.


    Marine Special Operations Company BRAVO - A Marine Special Operations Team cannot deploy or operate without the support of the Marine Special Operations Company. The Marine Special Operations Company acts as the command and control of the MSOT's within the company. The Marine Special Operations Company establishes and operates the Advanced Operational Base (AOB).

    Marine Special Operations Team 8121 - A forward deployed element which conducts direct action, reconnaissance, infiltration and various other SOF related mission types, they are an independent operating force which follows the real world MSOT structure.

    160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (Detachment) - Highly trained aviators in-which provide support for the marine special operations ground elements, which may include close air support, insertion/extraction under enemy fire, air reconnaissance and various other tasks.








  4. xESKqj4.png


    SpartanSix's MK14 EBR Re-textures includes;

    • AOR1
    • Snake Skin Pattern
    • Khaki (spray paint style)
    • Black


    Download Link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B4rBiyy_sfcVY0hLY2JRcm55TUE


    Classnames: SPARTAN_EBR_black_F, SPARTAN_EBR_khaki_F, SPARTAN_EBR_snake_F, SPARTAN_EBR_AOR1_F





    Notes: This will more then likely not be added to, please don't request patterns or updates, since this shouldn't require an update, since it's only a re-texture, anyway hope you enjoy. Mods seen in the picture attached to the MK14; SMA PEQ-15 & Suppressor, RKSL Attachments Pack.


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  5. On 3/30/2017 at 9:55 AM, cb65 said:

    Having problems with Arma 3 freezing since the latest update.


    What happens is after I load a CUP Terrains mission I've made for Utes into the editor and then try and load a vanilla map for example Altis, Arma 3 freezes and I have to re-start my computer.


    frNot sure if its a CUP Terrains issue or an arma 3 issue. But I've tried loading Altis into the editor first and then load another vanilla map it does not freeze but as soon as I load my mission and then go back to a vanilla map the freeze happens again.



    May not be a CUP Terrains issue because it seems to be only happening with a Utes mission I've been working on for weeks, so it may be because of something BIS has done in the latest update. Maybe something I've used in the mission might be causing it, but the issue has only started happening since the update, so it might be a mission issue.


    I've left this post here for you to read just in case it is a CUP Terrains issue.


    Fixed it.

    The problem for some reason was the editors map camera. When I went into camera mode the vision was all distorted and crazy so I went back to map view and re-position the camera on the map and saved the mission. Then I checked the camera vision again and it was fixed. So then I tried to load an arma 3 map and had no trouble so it looks like my problem is fixed.



    I'm getting the same issue as well on utes and I believe "desert" map. The moving of the camera and whatnot didn't fix the issue, its strange since it's only really those two maps that cause the freeze.