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  1. Now all must fear, as the aussies are here. Looking great guys, I would offer my assistance but I'm still relatively new to model making and I do believe I have a formidable texture for the new AMCU. Goodluck anyway lads, looking forward to playing with these beauties in-game.
  2. SpartanSix

    Delta Forces from US Army

    Okay, well the multicam textures are mine from the 82nd Airborne Division OCP pack but rightio then.
  3. Marine RAIDERS Includes Uniform is a personal re-texture I made. RHS Spec4Vests RH M4's
  4. You're like a god damn modelling/texturing machine lol plus this thing looks pretty damn sex too, goodluck with it mate, look forward to seeing it in-game and flying some ops off this bad boy.
  5. SpartanSix

    OPXL - American Building Pack

    Looks pretty sweet bro, Never understood why Bohemia never did this in the first place. I remember when ArmA2 was coming out and it said something along the lines of "all buildings will be enter-able" or whatever and that never happened, so hopefully this will sort that out. Good-luck with it mate.
  6. SpartanSix

    Super Tactical JPC

    @warden_1 I made this a few months back if you want to use it mate, let me know and I'll send it to you since I have no capability of getting it in game.
  7. SpartanSix

    Super Tactical JPC

    Been using this for awhile mang, about bloody time you released it mate.
  8. SpartanSix

    Delta Forces from US Army

    So you re-textured the IND uniforms yourself?
  9. SpartanSix

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Well I'll get you started on your little list there mate. https://www.blender.org/download/ Goodluck with it all.
  10. SpartanSix

    Small luxury Yacht

    so you made this right? http://www.cadnav.com/3d-models/model-3963.html
  11. SpartanSix

    US MEU 22 wearing UCP today?

    is it not true... could it be... maybe... maybe not....
  12. DEVGRU and UK SF Mods: RHS, Various personal re-textures, cunico's LBT re-textured 3CB gear.
  13. Age Requirement: 18+ (17, if voted in) Unit Based: United States (US, UK, Canada Only) The Marine Special Operations Command realism unit is a unit in which adopts a realistic approach to the game of ArmA 3 like many other realism units, tho as we portray a special operations unit, we create more of an advanced, specialized point of training, combat skills and experience by teaching more in-depth skills and techniques, this then allows members to fight with more of a open mind set then the average online marine. We are looking to induct dedicated, mature members willing to put the time and effort into bettering their skills and strategies for the unit. The skills you will be taught in the Marine Special Operations Command may also be used in the real world, as what we teach you is from real life experience and pre-taught knowledge, the current serving personnel within the Marine Special Operations Command realism unit range from soon to be military to active or ex-military personnel meaning what we teach you is coming from real experience. Recruits will go through a series of courses and tests to make sure that they are ready to take on the challenges the Marine Special Operations Command will come across in combat. These courses will range from battle drills to learning and familiarization with various U.S. and foreign weapons among many other lessons. Our unit is broken into two sections, working in unison with each other. These include: Marine Raider Team 8122 - A forward deployed element which conducts direct action, reconnaissance, infiltration etc. they are an independent operating force which follow the real world MSOT structure. 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment Detachment- Highly trained pilots in-which provide support for the marine special operations ground elements, which may include close air support, insertion/extraction under enemy fire, air reconnaissance and various other tasks. If you believe you have what it takes to become a member of the Marine Special Operations Command, visit us at www.marinespecialoperations.us Alternatively, you can contact us in any of the following ways: Teamspeak 3: ts.marinespecialoperations.us Website: www.marinespecialoperations.us
  14. SpartanSix

    Marine Special Operations Team 8122

    We currently have setup a 20 slot Public Operations Server. Server Name: MRT 8122 | TFR/ACE3 | PUBLIC OPS | marinespecialoperations.us Server IP: Mission: Altis Occupancy (Edited version of Insurgency), also may run Invasion Kuduz. Mods Recommended: Task Force Radio, Advanced Combat Environment.
  15. SpartanSix

    Kunduz, Afghanistan [10km] v1.20

    Wasn't this an april fools joke or something or was this confirmed that it really would be released today?
  16. SpartanSix

    "X-Cam" and "DAC" Project

    I remember that one mission where you played as victor or whatever his name was and you had to drive to his office. I remember playing it a few times and it seemed like it took hours to drive from the airfield to the office. That was one of the most vivid memories I remember from my OFP days, among a few others.
  17. Damn Shelestov this is pure sex, the object placement is masterclass... my computer is going to explode playing on this map though.
  18. SpartanSix

    RH M4/M16 pack

    I knew you were going to release it when you replied to the Acc you released, bloody legend... downloading now.
  19. SpartanSix

    Sr 25 wip

    I would certainly vote for you to put all your kit into one pack, would make it a lot easier for us community's to manage addons but non-the-less great job on the rifle, looking forward to playing with this puppy.
  20. THE JIST OF THE MOD This is a re-texture of the independent uniforms in arma3, bring a 82nd Airborne Division OCP uniform ranging from the ranks of PFC to MAJ and all everything in-between (regarding a standard US Army Company, meaning no specialty ranks such as warrant officers or master sergeants). I have created these OCP re-textures to be as close as possible with the RHS OCP so that they go neatly together. This addon does require RHS: Escalation addon in-order to use the place-able personnel in the editor. SCREENSHOTS MR. AIRBORNE COOL J KEEP THE 9 CLOSE SFC NEVER LET'S HIS GUARD DOWN DOWNLOAD CLICK THIS MEGA BAD BOY CREDITS Bohemia for making this fine piece of ass. RHS lads for making some wicked sexiness with there mod. and YOU for downloading and playing with this mod :cool: I probably forgot to do something but shit happens, enjoy.
  21. SpartanSix

    Scope Mod A3

    Quick questions, what color variants will there be? and will there be any camo'd up variants?
  22. SpartanSix

    Scope Mod A3

    You sneaky bugger, I've been waiting for a Spectre for so god damn long and that render you posted, damn son!
  23. SpartanSix

    JSRS3: DragonFyre

    Christ sake some people are ungrateful little shits, I mean really, either give constructive criticism and keep in mind this was done for free for your arse so be grateful for F sake. Even with the small discrepancies here and there, I god damn love this mod.
  24. OPKit: The Operators ToolKit Website www.comingsoon.waitforit Current Project PICO Assaulters Plate Carrier - WIP - UV Mapping/Texturing Image 1 - 27/10/2014 Image 2 - Updated 28/10/2014 Image 3 - Updated 29/10/2014 Image 4 - Updated 31/10/2014 Image 5 - Updated 02/11/2014 Easter Egg My First Ever Model Background This mod's purpose is to add additional content for special forces operators (primarily United States Army Special Forces) since MARSOC and other SOF units seem to be getting attention from other mod-makers. My intention is to create one piece of "content" at a time and release it once it's in working order then move onto the next, this is a system I want to use in-order to not become overwhelmed with modelling and working on so much "stuff" that I burn myself out. Hopefully this turns out to be a great mod and since I only started to learn 3d modelling 3-4 days ago I believe my skills will only get better over time with the guidance of you, the fellow arma community members. Donations If people want to donate, I'd rather know who it is that is donating so I can send them a thank you and put them down on the front page as a supporter of this mod. So PM me if you are interested, If not It's perfectly fine if you give me messages of encouragement and/or any nudes of Jennifer Love Hewitt. Cheers.
  25. SpartanSix

    JSRS3: DragonFyre

    The lord has spoken, congrats man been waiting for this.