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  1. I'm more and more convinced each day that the new mod spacenavy99 is working on is a Starship Troopers one... ;D
  2. throw back to the older days of the thread, but ive decided to stop wearing pants after that video...
  3. I asked about the Albatross months ago, they said it most likely wont be included if I recall.
  4. Some people are really unobservant...
  5. http://9thmeu-tei.enjin.com/home
  6. This was the problem :P I normally play without PiP because its basically useless except aesthetically and it drops my frames by about 1/3, but I guess I will be using it alot now xD
  7. Am I just stupid or is there some way I can get it to show my player on the screen? as is it shows what looks to be the flattened texture of the drop pod...?
  8. Ive been looking into it and other than changing the configs around (which is no small task but its something I am comfortable with doing), the only thing to keep in mind is to follow tonics instructions for using the mission which basically just say dont monetize it and dont change any of the names around to try and steal credit, and I have no intention of doing either. I'm going to see what I can do about contacting him personally to make sure he is okay with it and will move on from there. If anyone would like to help me with setting this up message me or add me on steam: RedX. Any ETA on when the NMPD would be added? considering the only times I've even seen them mentioned is on the planned features lists, it seems like it might be a while unless its just a matter of retexturing and adding a few new helmets or such. No rush either, way you guys have done great work so far. I also remember seeing someone mention something about how youve already added some structures and they were in the release already, but as far as I can tell, there isnt anything yet, can I get a confirmation on that? Also once things come closer to completion and such, Id love to recreate the Assault on Eridanus Secundus (with ODST's instead of spartan obviously) where in the spartans snuck into the insurrectionist base in the asteroids and captured (killed?) Robert Watts. Depending on how many people are interested it could even be an adversarial mission. ( 5 or so covert ops odsts sneaking into a heavily guarded {20 or so light to medium armored innies) innie base and taking out Watts) Halo and Arma are the franchises I hold dearest to me and Id love to be able to give back to both communities.
  9. Not sure how this would work due to 1. not being much of a programmer (though I'm teaching myself slowely) 2. due to legal reasons as to who has the rights after the whole debacle with arma life and tonic, and 3. the fact that there might not be much of a demand, But I for one would love to see a life server set up using this mod with the army/marines playing the basic cop roles and odst playing the swat/officer roles, and obviously the innies being the rebels. If anyone gets something up and running I'd love to hear about it and hope on and play. Oh and by the way I've played a solid 9 hours straight messing around with the mod and its been great so far, keep up the great work guys! :D
  10. The odst looks a little... fat? and the the battle rifle looks a little small? maybe its just the angle or something. But thought I'd mention it.
  11. That was concept art for the Falcon not an "unknown" vehicle.
  12. Well, My pants are most certainly gone again.
  13. and the pants will no longer be worn during this time... xD
  14. Do you guys have any plans to implement the D96-TCE Albatross dropship? I always thought it looked pretty cool but its only used as a set piece in the games :/
  15. I just wanted to tell you guys that I Can Not Wait for this to be released, Ive been wanting to pilot a pelican with a full load of marines and a warthog as cargo right into battle for years!