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  1. saw that Simple Mysql Rank Script already but unfortunately, i have a linux server and i cannot use Arma2NET on it. I would love to have a script where i can just hardcode it. I tried to modify this script but i had no success. The ranks stayed the same :(

    edit: or maybe a version that is also using the squad XML would be good. Then i can use it for both, the rank patch script and the ranks themselves.

  2. I fixed it already. What i meant is this: Once Zeus clicked on teleport (because he actually wants to teleport somewhere) this teleport thing stays active and he cannot add markers anymore. I changed the teleport.sqf this way:

    if (player == player) then {

    hint "Click on map to teleport";

    onMapSingleClick "player setpos _pos";

    sleep 10;

    hint "Teleport deactivated";

    onMapSingleClick "";


    if (true) exitWith{};

    So it only stays active for 10 seconds and then he has to click teleport again if he wants to :)

  3. the tutorial is insufficient. You talk about simpleRP_PO,simpleRP_XML and simpleRP_CP. Where are those variables or do i have to put them into the init.sqf ? It says, that it reads the ranks from an XML file. Where do i have to put this XML file? Will it also set the rank? Please make the installation tutorial a bit more detailed and step by step.

    I am currently looking for a script that changes the rank by PID (so if I connect, it will get my rank by PID and set it accordingly) . Is that what your script does?

  4. Maybe the vanilla tanks are just too weak (who knows.. i wouldnt wonder). I actually expect the BWMod to be more accurate than anything from BIS.

    One question: Would it be possible to somehow add names to uniforms via a script ? (possibly as a later addition to this mod)