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  1. I have one request and i would do it on my own, but all i can develop is PHP.

    Here we go:

    We have a team that is using aircraft at an airport and we have a dedicated ATC. He is of course sitting in a tower. I dont want him to carry a long range radio around the whole time. Would it instead be possible to somehow attach a long range radio to a table (where the ATC is sitting at) and once he sits down in front of the table (with a chair sit down script), he should be able to use the long range radio (without equipping it). Anyone has an idea how to do that? Bascially, its like the table or the chair has its own radio, like cars..

  2. i have huge performance issues on that map (while i have none on altis and any of the AIATP maps). every 10 minutes, i have to use the shift + - and then flush command or my fps drop from constant 40 to around 15 or less. Do you know what can cause this? Also another thing is the airport. When taxiing to the runway (and also on the runway) it looks like there are invisible holes everywhere. Its so bumpy, you can actually loose control of the aircraft. Can that be fixed?

    Other than that, best map our team ever had.

  3. i agree 100% to the first post. its also not the communities task to actually make a game playable. its the task of the game developers and then, the modders can bring in even more joy. it still feels like a beta version to me. but give it a few years and it will be a good game :) I am a developer myself and know how hard it can be from time to time. Also, there is a problem that sometimes, the wrong people decide when and what to release.