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  1. ok ... one thing at the time ... regarding zeus ... has been reported before and has been marked for next update ... about the cargo door ... I'll check it and will be fixed ... regarding bw none armed ... there is one in German faction which called "unarmed" ... rockets ... only the AT variant which uses TOW missiles can lock ... DAR missiles have not locking capability ... laser marker purpose is to "light" a target while either an aircraft of ground units equiped with laser guided weapon will fire on target. None of choppers weapons are laser guided.

    thanks a lot for all these answers :)

  2. cant find the ADAC copter in the zeus menu.. also there is a bug with the cargo door (its transparent after you open it.. but only if you are in the copter and leave it again or something). could you make a bw none armed version? also i dont understand the rocket system.. how can i lock on to something? my rocket always go up and vanish in the skies. i tried with laser marker enabled but it doesnt change anything.

    good work :)

  3. The G3 works fine for me. Latest HLC guns, core and CBA.

    Really weird.. i reinstalled all the mods and i still have this problem. Reinstalled ASDG Joint Rails, CBA with latest hotfix, HLC Core, HLC G3.. i also have the HLC MP5 and this one has no problems.. How can i debug this to find out, whats the cause? All of my mates have the same problem#

    #edit: found the cause of the problem: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=26488

    with the latest update, the g3 wont work anymore (rail version)

  4. just for you guys info.. the C17 that will now be included in this mod.. it has a parachute script which is very buggy (so you can drop tanks for example).. sometimes, you cannot get into a dropped vehicle. we managed to find out, that this happens, when the pilot is releasing the cargo. if you have a loadmaster with you (basically, someone who sits in the back), it works. Just use this guy to release cargo and NOT the pilots.

  5. no i mean, there should be a menu with the mouse wheel, right? because usually, all the other addons have one that way but i cant find one there. I also tried putting the ammo truck next to the helo and i also checked the options "addon controls" to see if i can set up some kinda action menu that way. nothing worked. (with action menu, i mean the menu where i can change the weapon loadout)