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  1. Updated for Tanks DLC!


    - Added compatibility with Tanks DLC
    - Tank DLC features such as SLAT and camo nets fully functional in both woodland and desert colour scheme
    - Merged woodland and desert variants into one vehicle, textures can be changed through the garage feature
    - Added safety
    - Tweaked inventory
    - Various other minor tweaks

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  2. 13 minutes ago, J. McMerry said:

    So are you plaining to make a new model for the FV510 or you guys just going to keep the reskin with the better config from the default Mora IFV.

    We would love to, but none of us has the required 3d modelling experience so the Mora will have to do. However, there is a certain modder out there that might have the MCV-80 planned in the near future...




    Unhappy with the ingame Mora IFV, we have decided to edit it with the aim of making it more true to its real-life counterpart. 

    We basically nerfed the hell out of it to make it more realistic.


    As I'm doing all this on my HP Probook, I'm not able to provide a demonstration video (of decent quality) at this time. I'll do my best to sort something out in the near future.


    - Woodland and Desert retextures (reworked Grace's textures)

    - Added Woodland and Desert SLAT armour and camouflage nets
    - Autocannon (L21A1 RARDEN) has 6 round magazines and a lot slower rate of fire
    - RARDEN uses correct ammunition and a realistic amount (27 HE-T and 15 APDS-T magazines)
    - RARDEN doesn't reload automatically (the gunner has to press R or select the ammunition type)
    - Tweaked reload times 
    - Coaxial machine gun (L94A1 Chaingun) has 11 magazines of 200 rounds and also a lot slower rate of fire
    - Turret traverse and gun elevation has also been slowed down to a realistic level
    - Turret stabilisation removed
    - The gunner can traverse (and fire) when turned out

    - Weapon safety
    - ACE inventory for a full section replen
    - And other small tweaks...


    On the RARDEN...

    The weapon has a pretty unique reload system that we, due to engine limitations, were not able to simulate fully. In reality it uses 3 round clips, two of which can be loaded in the magazine at the same time. Now the trick is, you can fire all six rounds in automatic, however the reload will be slower because the next round has to be manually cranked into place by the commander (we also couldn't get the commander to reload and select ammunition type, seems to be hardcoded to the gunner). But, if you fired just the first three rounds, the commander would be able to put another clip in the magazine and cranking wouldn't be necessary. In short: we had a choice between reloading every three rounds or having a slower reload every six. In the end, we've decided that it was more important to have 6 rounds ready to go if the situation requires it.


    On ACE 3 dependency...

    I honestly have no clue why it depends on it... The vehicle breaks completely when launching without it. It seems to be an inheritance issue, which is strange because it inherits from the vanilla APC_Tracked_03_base_F, autocannon_30mm and LMG_coax.

    I would love to make it vanilla friendly, but for the time being we've put in ACE items in the inventory since it already depends on it.



    If anyone could provide assistance with the reload system or the ACE dependency it would be greatly appreciated!

    Unpack and copy the @20th AIB Realistic Warrior folder into your game folder.

    Included files:









    ACE is required (the mod completely breaks without it, unsure why)
    We fully recommend that Grace's Real FV510 Handling and power mod is used in conjunction with this one, as it provides realistic handling.

    Credits & Thanks:
    20th Armoured Infantry Brigade Mod Creation Team:
    Gundich (Choffix) - Configs and textures
    Keown - Provided most of the information on the Warrior
    Dexter - Configs

    With - Media

    Rory Murphy for starting this project two years ago
    Grace for his textures.
    and Bohemia Interactive for the Mora 3D model, configs and the game to rule them all

    - Initial release


    - Added compatibility with Tanks DLC
    - Tank DLC features such as SLAT and camo nets fully functional in both woodland and desert colour scheme
    - Merged woodland and desert variants into one vehicle, textures can be changed through the garage feature
    - Added safety
    - Tweaked inventory
    - Various other minor tweaks


    - Fixed weapon inheritance


    Known issues:

    - Turret magically stabilises itself when in cockpit freelook (seems like an engine limitation)

    - Gunner MFD not displaying fully correct information regarding ammunition

    - "unknown animation source muzzle_hide_cannon" (unsure what causes it, shouldn't affect gameplay)

    Advanced Combat Environment 3 (ACE 3)

    Community Base addons A3


    Download links:


    Steam Workshop

    Google Drive

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  4. Here's the code that works but 'reloadTime' does nothing: http://pastebin.com/5zQV1J1e

    I've tried fixing that in this config but it's just messing the gun up. I'm pretty sure it has to be done like 'class player : Mode_FullAuto' but the inheritance is screwed up: http://pastebin.com/taxgU0wC


    Here are the modes that the gun inherits from CannonCore: modes[]={"player","close","short","medium","far"};


    Hell, here's the mod itself if you want to take a closer look: https://www.dropbox.com/s/c1rx2op3np2bnv2/%4020AIB_Warrior.7z?dl=0

  5. Here are the 2 screenshots I took: http://imgur.com/a/3p7uR


    The only difference between the two configs in the config viewer is the positioning of the 'reloadTime'. I suppose that's the issue. Any ideas?


    EDIT: After editing the working config, I got the same result in the config viewer as the one that doesn't work, only the gun actually works (but the RoF doesn't change). I just moved 'reloadTime' above 'muzzles'.


    class rjm_l21a1_rarden : autocannon_30mm


           reloadTime = 5.0
           muzzles[] = {"this"};
           displayName = "L121A1 RARDEN";
           magazines[] = {"rjm_6rd_apfsdp", "rjm_6rd_hei"};
           magazineReloadTime = 4 ;

  6. So I got my new motherboard and the code works! Thank you very much!


    But now I have another problem, I can't figure out how to change reloadTime (rate of fire).


    Here is what I currently have:



    When I get it ingame the gun has the proper reloadTime but it has no sound and a ton of errors. I know there's something wrong with the inheritance and I've spent hours trying to figure it out but I'm clueless.


    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  7. Thank you so much!


    Unfortunately my motherboard died today so until I get a new one I won't be able to see if this works or not but you sound like you know what you're doing so I trust it will!


    Since I can't test it right now, if I just put in 'muzzles[] = {"this"};' the cannon will require a reload when switching ammo types, and if I put in let's say 'muzzles[] = {"rjm_l21a1_rarden_HE", "rjm_l21a1_rarden_AP"};' it will not?


    Thanks again!

  8. Hello guys!


    So lately I've started getting into modding and my first mod would be continuing the work of a person I know. He tried editing the vanilla independent IFV (Mora I believe it's called) and creating a realistic FV 510 Warrior with the correct weapons and ammunition. He couldn't get it working and gave up a while ago. I have made quite a lot of progress and I'm fairly certain I can finish it this week, but I am stuck at something and I hope someone can see what's wrong with the config.


    So my problem is that the modded rarden autocannon does not replace the vanilla autocannon, but the modded chaingun replaces the vanilla coax MG and works properly. I don't understand why the code works for the chaingun but it doesn't for the rarden. Ingame the vehicle spawns with the vanilla autocannon (I can see that because I flagged the display name) and no ammo for it. When I put vanilla ammo in it it works.


    Here's the code on pastebin: http://pastebin.com/r05gmh9L




    Bonus question: For the chaingun 'magazineReloadTime' works and changes the... well, magazine reload time, but 'reloadTime' doesn't change the rate of fire for some reason (I commented it after trying, don't worry). Any ideas?