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  1. Just a heads up L'etranger (although I'm sure you are aware) with today's update the HC client and functionality do not work. Kind regards, Reasoner
  2. Thanks for your response! The weapons both have the ID of LIB_RIFLE. I'm assuming this doesn't appear anywhere in mission file, hence why they don't appear. Could you point me in the direction of where I need to put it to get it to appear? Regards, Reasoner
  3. So nice to hear from you dude. We play at SaW Gaming - sawclan.net (Check out the Altis Military page, that's all done in VTS) Before that, we held VTS nights at Liberated Gaming (Liberatedgaming.com) and then merged with SaW down the line. Check out eirebornfenix youtube channel, he's got a load of 'VTS Sunday' videos in which 30+ guys play missions made live on your file! You're more than welcome to join us if ever you want to play man. Nice to hear some bug-fixes also! Question mate, not sure if you can help: we've just started testing the IronFront WWII mod with VTS. Everything works except a couple of weapons, (M1 Garand, M4 Carbin). Both these weapons don't appear in the shop. The only way to spawn them is by killing a VTS Spawned AI and taking his rifle. We then tried to save the loadout with the gun on the server, however if you're not loaded in as a GM then as soon as you buy the loadout with the M1/M4 it disappears from your hands. The only way non-GM's can get them is buy a GM dropping them on the floor. I was wondering if you have a cleanup script running somewhere that could be doing this? It's odd that only GM's can load them, and that they don't appear in the shop at all. No worries if you don't have an answer, I'm sure we can work around! Kind regards, Reasoner
  4. A couple of things, mainly to do with AGM and item classification, managed to get them working myself. Letranger, whilst you are here let me say one thing and ask another: A) Your mission file is beautiful. I've literally built a community on it. Thank-you. B) Where the hell do the server loadouts save to? I can't find it anywhere! Is it mission-file based or does it save it somewhere else? Kind regards, Reasoner
  5. Reasoner

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    Okay - so I fixed the issue with VTS - basically the VTS shop_functions file was not calling type 4096 when giving out 'items'. For anyone who wants to fix this (and it is NOT a problem with AGM), add or _buytitemtype==4096 to line 1977 in the shop_functions.sqf. Keep the same formatting as in the original code. Cheers, Reasoner
  6. Reasoner

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    Cheers man, however I meant a chat to you, not him! Rea
  7. Reasoner

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    Just had a further look at this. Would it be possible to manually change the items back to weapon attachments in our version of the plugin? If so, what number (where 4096 is items) is attachments? ---------- Post added at 12:54 ---------- Previous post was at 12:52 ---------- Good to see someone else with the same issues. Do you have an email or Teamspeak IP dude? I'd love to have a quick chat, I've got a few guys who are programmers who might be able to help out if you could point them in the right direction. Would my previous post be a fix? I'd also love to see your tweaks to the shop and such. Regards, Reasoner
  8. Reasoner

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    Sounds about right. Are you a frequent user of VTS? I run a large community (50+) and we're pretty much dependant on it. I'm worried because L'etranger has gone missing and I can't find any alternative mission files to use that do a similar thing.
  9. Wondering the same as theNacH - long time user of VTS for a community and we're worried! Recent changes to ArmA 3 and such have made some mods unusable. Is this project still ongoing, or should we try and find an alternative?
  10. Reasoner

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    Hey man, thanks for the reply. Unfortunately the creator of VTS is currently AWOL and nobody really knows what's going on. I can't buy a mine detector from the VTS shop, even though I can see it in there. Regards, Reasoner
  11. Reasoner

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    Hey guys, My community is currently using AGM in tandem with the VTS (Virtual Training Space) mission. We're loving the new updates, but unfortunately one thing is broken for us; we can't buy medical supplies from the VTS shop. We could in the previous version, when they were listed in the 'Weapon Items' tab, but now they've moved to the items tab and we can't buy them. They just don't appear in the inventory. I appreciate the VTS mission file is not your creation and you may not be able to offer support on this matter, but as it was fully functional before the update I thought it would be worth an ask. Regards, Reasoner
  12. Confirmed with a group of about 20+ playing earlier today. All complaining of switched stereo, infront and behind and also distance being off.
  13. Hey guys, Thanks for the update (both yesterdays and todays) - the new radio sounds, skins and functionality is fantastic. However, the 3D placement for peoples voices is completely ruined. Don't want to be a downer on the update, but I find it unusable. With someone standing infront of you, they sound behind you, and the L/R stereo is ruined also. The actual quality of the audio is so much better, but the distance and directional voice is terrible. Please fix this ASAP, as I've got a squad of 30 guys complaining about it! Kind regards, Reasoner