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  1. I ran into this issue as well, where none of the keys seem to work. I found that I could rebind the keys to something else and get it to work that way, but I couldn't get the game to let me change it back to CTRL+P. For me at least, the issue persisted after reinstalling TFAR. On a potentially related note, I was unable to pull up a GPS as well, using RCTRL+M. Unfortunately, I've not had a chance to further investigate since I'm not at home with my desktop right now.
  2. I apologize if I'm a moron, but was testing 0.9.3 last night and we ran into something. Is radio interference a feature? When someone has speakers on and you walk up to them and transmit, it screeches. Additionally, when vehicles are within about 20 meters of each other and have speakers enabled, it had a low humming noise.