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    General Discussion (dev branch)

    In the changelog entry regarding the fix/removal of the "recompile=1;" workaround it's said that "only root functions" will accept the precompile property. What is a root function?
  2. ImperialAlex

    FHQ M4 for Arma 3 (Prerelease)

    Sorry to hijack your thread: How did you manage to reproduce the floating magazine issue? I see it happening very very occasionally (with a modset that doesn't include FHQ M4) but I can't reliably reproduce it :(
  3. Thanks again for the answers! Any chance of seeing a "canCarryVest" property in the future (similar to the canCarryBackpack - if that's even still used by the engine)? In a surprising turn of events I've got more questions ;) Can you explain the different icons/pictures a bit more? The CfgVehicles config guideline says that "icon" should be a map/editor thing and "picture" should be what you see in the in-game hud/command UI but that doesn't seem to line-up entirely with what I'm experiencing. I'm also wondering where the icons in the "switch unit" UI come from? Some more details on this would be greatly appreciated :)
  4. ....aaand because I wasn't careful I left some debug output active. 3.1.1 coming in now :)
  5. ImperialAlex

    ASDG Joint Rails

    Any details on how it's broken? I know 1.42 (marksmen DLC) introduced it to stable but your post is the first I heard about it being broken?
  6. I just came across this again - is this still an active project? I looked up Naught's object-oriented stuff as well and that seems fairly dead/inactive, too. Has anybody else continued working on creating a higher-level language on top of SQF?
  7. Sorry, I haven't added the force-replace to the "load" yet. It's going to be in the next minor update :) EDIT: I should also probably mention that the code he's using isn't actually sufficient. TFAR id's range from 1 through 999 so going to 99 won't do much good after the first 99 arsenal accesses (each arsenal access increases the id). Oh, and for slightly higher performance, you might want to resize the array to 999 at the beginning rather than forcing the system to constantly re-size it on-the-fly. Have a look at this sample script: XLA_arsenal_3CB.sqf (That one could probably also be improved a bit by making it two loops so that locality on the array accesses is a bit better)
  8. Since it's open-source, you could throw it up there yourself. However an official, maintained, upload would be much preferred. Oh, I think CBA isn't on the workshop afaik so you'd need to add that, too.
  9. ImperialAlex

    ASDG Joint Rails

    Errm..."magazineGroups" anybody? There's no longer any need to manually create compatibility mods/mess around with large magazine[] arrays. All we need is a naming convention and we'd be good to go.
  10. ImperialAlex

    3CB BAF Weapons

    I was about to say "Suuuuure,if he wants to give us his sources" and then I saw it's open source. OMFG. That's insane. I'm not the project owner for this mod but I'm sure that this is going to make it in at some point.
  11. ImperialAlex

    Task Force Arrowhead Radio

    Also regarding Zeus: When you're both a player and zeus (i.e. not in 'virtual' Zeus slot) you'll hear your player character's audio when in Zeus 'eagle' view. Would it be possible to script something that toggles my locality to the zeus camera? Oh, and another weird thing: When remote-controlling a unit, I seem to still hear my own character's radio chatter even if the unit is e.g. an OPFOR unit on a entirely different encryption/frequency. Why does that happen?
  12. ImperialAlex

    3CB BAF Weapons

    I just reproduced this (running only @3CB and ASDG). Seems like there really is some kind of bug going on.
  13. I just realized what's happening here. Thanks for your report! It's really a bug :( Not really in the add/remove functions but in the fact that I didn't think about people changing the virtualCargo after an ammobox has been initialized. The fix should be relatively straight forward (set _data variable of the ammobox to nil after every call to add/remove cargo/blacklist). I'll try to get that fix release tomorrow.
  14. Thanks for answering my question...given the success, I'm back with another config question ;) class UniformInfo { class SlotsInfo { class NVG : UniformSlotInfo { slotType = 602; }; class Scuba : UniformSlotInfo { slotType = 604; }; class Googles : UniformSlotInfo { slotType = 603; }; class Headgear : UniformSlotInfo { slotType = 605; }; }; }; What does this do? I can sort-of guess what headgear,NVG and goggles do...but what does "scuba" do? And, slightly unrelated: Is there a way to define a uniform/soldier that cannot equip any vest?
  15. Oh, I see - didn't read that carefully enough. Yeah, that's exactly what you should be doing... How does it "not work" for you? I.e. what do you expect to happen (I assume you expect a box without any action on it but there's still an old action?) @AmmoBoxExit: Yeah, that's apparently broken in vanilla and since I didn't know about that until relatively recently I haven't gotten around to fixing it in my mod ;)
  16. Mhh....what exactly do you mean by "reset"? What are you trying to achieve? I can also see that you're calling the [xla/bis]_fnc_removeVirtual[Category]Cargo functions without the necessary parameters. You need both an object and a list of classnames! The list of classnames is not optional according to the function header. I'm not quite sure why that works on the vanilla arsenal since that part of my arsenal is pretty much exactly the same as the vanilla one... I also don't understand why you remove the arsenal action after you initialize the arsenal. Oh, and why are you adding _itemsArray to all categories? That makes little sense since e.g. Backpack cargo should be classnames that exist in CfgVehicles, weapons should be from CfgWeapons and magazines from CfgMagazines.. If you could explain to me what you're trying to achieve I'm sure I can give you a few pointers to achieve the same thing in a 'cleaner' fashion. Independently of that I would love to have the entire context/a repro mission so that I can understand better where the vanilla arsenal and my arsenal differ.
  17. 3.0.1 should solve these issues, let me know if it's working for you guys :)
  18. Thanks! Yep, reproduces for me. I've noticed that I do get the lock-on symbol to display for very short times...weird. ---------- Post added at 02:53 ---------- Previous post was at 01:44 ---------- Update: Found the problem and it really is my fault (sorry!). definesides.hpp accidentally has the titans inherit from the wrong launcher (one that can't lock on), this propagates down the inheritance tree to the stinger/javelin. I'm trying to figure out a good way of detecting or avoiding errors like that. I'll push a fix for this tomorrow/day-after-tomorrow.
  19. Yeah, a repro mission would be great. Thanks for making extra sure it really is an issue with the arsenal :)
  20. That's incredibly unlikely to be caused by my mod. Please make sure you can actually reproduce this with just my mod and @RHS running.
  21. I thought I once saw a reference to a "undefine property" command for configs. I.e. if you inherit a class and want to remove one of the inherited properties. Is that a thing or is my memory failing me? EDIT: I found examples of the type "delete [inherited subclass]". Does it work on things other than subclasses, too?
  22. ^- as above, v3.0.0 is now available. It introduces some major performance improvements along with 1.) force-adding things to the arsenal. You can supply a list of classnames to the AmmoBoxInit/Open calls. Classnames on that list will be displayed even if they don't have the proper scope set. There are still some other tests the class has to pass (e.g. have a model defined). Let me know whether or not the current system works for your usecases. (See the header of xla_fnc_arsenal for info on what the function call should look like) 2.) force replace! You can now supply a list of [classname,new_classname] pairs to the AmmoBoxInit/Open calls. Whenever somebody accesses the arsenal any items in their current equipment will be tested and if applicable exchanged. (Make sure "new_classname" is on the whitelist or they won't get to keep their new equipment for very long ;) ). Again, see xla_fnc_arsenal (or the sample mission included in the download) for more info on how to use this. An example of how to set this up to force-replace unique TFAR radios with "generic" radios will be coming shortly :) Edit: The mod is now also available on the steam workshop. Edit2: A more refined changelog + updated documentation will come in the next few days. If you're using some of the more "advanced" features (manual preload calls, side/black-listing, "allowEquipped=true") please let me know if the new update has negatively affected the way you use the arsenal.
  23. ImperialAlex

    3CB BAF Weapons

    We tested the weapons pack with @CUP loaded so I would expect it to be caused by a different mod. Are you running any sound-related mods?
  24. I love that idea! I'm no expert on UI though so it'd probably take me forever. If you happen to know somebody who's good with UI and who would be willing to contribute to the mod we could make this a reality much sooner than if I just put this on my already-growing ToDo list :)
  25. Sorry, I got carried away with internal terms there. "allowEquipped" is the internal name of the parameter that toggles the "not whitelisting equipped items" behaviour. When setting it to true, it *should* add the items that the player has equipped to the whitelist, but it seems like that feature is currently broken. I'm doing some major refactoring of the addon right now, so I'm not going to work on fixing the bug in the 'old' version since the entirety of the code that used to be responsible for it needs to be re-written anway. I hope that made more sense :=)