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    Fatigue Feedback (dev branch)

    The new system suffers from exactly the same problem as the old one: It can't be easily modded! Why can't we simply use config or script commands to decide the parameters of the system for ourselves? Virtually all other major mechanics (sway, recoil, damage, etc) can be modded and changed. Stamina/Fatigue is simply lacking the options to adjust it to the desired experience. Please allow us to define our own parameters for either movement modes or, maybe a bit overkill, for individual Animations.
  2. ImperialAlex

    Arma 3 Eden Editor Sneak Preview Live Stream

    Quoted for truth :) I've had a quick fly-around with the new editor, spent some time just happily placing small objects on top of tables, chairs, etc and positioning AI behind cover. The control-similarities with Zeus made learning the new system very quick. I've noticed that I don't seem to be able to set AI to prone/crouched - is that a limit of how much can be done in the editor (it seems like everything gets placed in a sort of 'preInit' state?) or will we see the nice little formation/behavior/stance UI from Zeus/Curator make an appearance in Eden/3DEN as well?
  3. ImperialAlex

    CBA - Community Base Addons - ARMA 3

    Are there any disadvantages/caveats when it comes to the "Opportunistic" XEH support?
  4. 3CB Kill Zeagle isn't compatible with 'new' (post 1.48, iirc) versions of the game because the way it worked (overwrite a bis_fnc_* function) has since been disabled. However BIS have added a way to hide the model and notification in vanilla however I'm not sure if that can still be done after mission init. Also, some people might want the notification, or even the eagle.
  5. Awesome, thanks for clearing that up and yay :627: to more APL-SA mods :)
  6. Is this released under APL-SA or is this released under a homebrew license where I can't release it on steam workshop? I was really happy to see another open-source/APL-SA mod but with that weird limitation your mod isn't actually APL-SA compatible so it isn't all that useful to actual APL-SA projects :(
  7. ImperialAlex

    Public Beta

    I currently don't have a native *nix system running but I'd just like to say that I very much appreciate these ports. Given the external development, is this potentially a case where we can throw money at our screen/appropriate thing on bistore in order to show how awesome we think it would be if work on this was continued?
  8. ImperialAlex

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    Not what soulis6 is requesting, but wouldn't it be great if the AI had a chance to get the side-identification wrong every now and then? Friendly-fire might be hard to implement because of the renegade punishment system, however mistaking enemies for friendlies might be feasible? :)
  9. If the links remain broken that'd be a major blow to the BI-games community. Links to threads on the BI forum aren't just being used inside the BI Forum they're also used across a vast number of other arma community websites. They've become known as a stable fix-point in an community that, due to being around for more than a decade, has become used to third-party websites coming-and-going. Especially for content-creation, many tutorials and important infos are buried deep in these forums. Should the links remain broken, these resources would most likely fall of the map and be lost.
  10. ImperialAlex

    Russian Railways mod

    I didn't know this was even possible...now I am forever a happier man.
  11. ImperialAlex

    [IceBreakr/IBIS] Isla Duala for A3

    Wow, that's awesome! Btw: any chance of separating the units into their own mod?
  12. ImperialAlex

    X-Cam 1.0 for Arma 3 released

    Thanks! I guess I should have just RTFM'ed :eek: The video tutorials are great to get a feel for what's possible, I just have a really bad memory xD It'd be nice if there was a written 'refrence' style documentation, i.e. something where you can quickly look up how a certain feature works.
  13. ImperialAlex

    X-Cam 1.0 for Arma 3 released

    I've played around with X-Cam a bit and I'm very impressed! I have a question or feature request: When copying along the bounding box, is it possible to specify an offset? E.g. I have an object that has a 2m bounding box but actually needs to be placed every 1.9m in order to 'make sense' (This applies for lots of fences and fortifications that need to 'interlock').
  14. That project seems to be going for something very different. While the example you linked is technically implementing OO features into SQF, it's severely limited in the fact that it's based solely on the weak preprocessor system of SQF. Since the preprocessor is incredibly simple this means that the 'compilation' is essentially just a series of syntax transforms. It's insane that somebody managed to actually pull it off but it won't help with issues like static analysis (type checking?) or optimization.
  15. ImperialAlex

    X-Cam 1.0 for Arma 3 released

    When starting up X-Cam I don't get the option to "select all classes" that is shown in the tutorial. I guess I could manually rebuild all but that seems rather tedious. Is there a way to bring up that initial screen again? Nevermind, looks like the PlayWithSix version doesn't do all the required installation steps.
  16. Ohhhhhh, interesting! I'm going to have to play with this once my schedule clears up :)
  17. ImperialAlex

    Task Force Arrowhead Radio

    Same issue (transmission cuts out according to others but I keep PTT button pressed). Like serjames I just assumed a problem with the physical button...
  18. ImperialAlex

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    Could somebody please unpack that for me? I assume this is config-parsing stuff..?
  19. Not currently. Just like the default vanilla arsenal you loose access to voice and insignia when you go to 'whitelisting' mode. It's already on my to-do list but, unless a major game update breaks something, the next update is still a few months out.
  20. 1.) Yes, assuming correct context 2.) No 3.) Yes, assuming correct context 4.) No What do I mean by 'correct context': The words "License: APL" need to occur in a context where it's obvious that the license of the entire mod is being discussed. Here's an example of a description that contains the words "License: APL" but in a context where it's clear that they're not referencing the license of the entire mod Example Description: "This is a little example mod made by John Doe. Credits: BI Arma2 Samples (License: APL)". Here the words "License: APL" simply explain the credits and do not mean the entire mod.
  21. ImperialAlex

    3CB BAF Weapons

    Confirmed. It's a known bug that has already been fixed in what will be the next version, sorry for the inconvenience. I know I often go 'Wait, where did my binoculars go' after loading a loadout with binos in it from the arsenal.
  22. ImperialAlex

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    If I were to create my own terrain, what would I need to do to optimize it for dynamic cover creation?
  23. Kukus: Since it seems like you came to this thread with a specific mod in mind, why don't you tell us which one it is? While I'm not a lawyer and I'd guess most of the other people here aren't lawyers either, there's still a very good chance we'll be able to tell you exactly what kind of rights you have with a certain mod.
  24. I think this is important enough to repeat: A mod that uses BI's "APL" licensed data does not automatically become APL licensed itself. This is exactly what Chairborne is referring to and it's why you cannot modify most 'port' mods. If a mod is actually licensed as "APL" itself this will usually be made very obvious (usually unbinarised sources will be made available, too). Those mods you *can* modify and re-release. Very few mods are currently licensed this way and, as said above, virtually no ports are.
  25. Your assumption doesn't hold ;) The voice files can be found in the A2 data pack ("ALDP_A2_PBOs_APL-SA_part3") and are, as the archive name suggests, licensed as APL-SA. That means that if you do use them in a mission you have to make your mission available for others to edit and/or re-distribute. (The "SA" stands for "share-alike") ---------- Post added at 07:38 ---------- Previous post was at 07:35 ---------- Hey! The 76N6 radar is part of the Arma2 (unbinarised) sample files. It is available under APL-SA in the "A2SM_Data_APL-SA" pack, under Map_Objects\CA\misc2\Samsite Since it's APL-SA (Share-alike) that means (roughly) that you have to make your modifications available for others to freely edit/use/re-distribute if you release them.