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  1. I believe Firewill is already making an F-14, the thread should be on one of the first pages of this forum
  2. I can personally tell you that Turtle is a really nice guy and he is always stimulating us to do our best, and helping us where he can. We as a group are doing everything to finish what we start, so the community and ourselfs can have the most of fun with the new planned assets Arma 3 is lacking.
  3. We have already teamed up with the Nimitz Mod team, and we are helping them out, and they are helping us out, so basicly we merged together
  4. Freakin Awesome, cant wait!!! Keep it up
  5. We added the F-35C for you, and the community
  6. V1.0 of the Airport is done (I am in charge building up the airport), but there will not be much activity because also I am going on vacation (for 3 weeks to Austria), but after that i have the time again to work on it!
  7. I think we will use ACE's cargo system for that, but no guarantiees
  8. All the stuff, like the seats and the ESSS Wings can be added/removed with the Service Menu we are using, so you should be able to customize it to the mission requirements.
  9. Sadly we currently have no pictures of the Arleigh Burke, but we will upload more screenshot in the future
  10. As one of the founders, i will discuss this with the rest of the group, but it is a nice idea!
  11. Hello everybody, Me and my modelling group (Seven Seas Studios) are looking for people with animating and O2 skills. Do you want to help us out, just send me a PM. I hope to see you on the team!!
  12. Foxone

    C-2a Greyhound C.O.D.

    Here is the FLIR Camera Pod Mount for the MH-60R we have been working on as a port of the US Navy mod (or whatever you want to call it). http://i.imgur.com/4BPdP3g.jpg?1 ( I use SolidWorks as modelling software, and then import it to 3ds Max). The only problem i have is that SolidWorks won't let me create a flat area on the side of a sphere, so i have to look in to that, besides from that it is done!
  13. They are Special Forces, they aren't like the US Marine Corps They are more like SAS/SBS EDIT: I didn't notice your edit
  14. Could you also add the Dutch Marine Corps https://www.google.nl/search?q=Dutch+Marsoc&biw=1920&bih=995&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ei=SjKdVfDWFMGsswGc5rzIDg&ved=0CAYQ_AUoAQ#tbm=isch&q=korps+mariniers
  15. Nice!! Going to download it ASAP!
  16. Foxone

    C-2a Greyhound C.O.D.

    Is he still working on this mod? Otherwise i would like to take it over. Just send me a PM. Greetings, Foxone
  17. ---------- Post added at 21:56 ---------- Previous post was at 21:54 ---------- That looks amazing, are you going to release it as an addon (or did you already release it), because i would love to use them ingame!
  18. Foxone

    LHD Naval Mod

    Aah, oke. I will wait until you release it then, because i have no idea on how to use mikero's tools. Keep up the good work
  19. Foxone

    LHD Naval Mod

    No i haven't
  20. Foxone

    LHD Naval Mod

    It isn't there, or do i also need to have the ATLAS LHD mod running?
  21. Foxone

    LHD Naval Mod

    I have a problem, i downloaded the file from Github, and put it in the Arma 3 directory, but i can't find it in the editor, while my game shows me the mod is enabled. Please help?
  22. Digital, I will send you the .txt file now (containing the last part of the airfield)
  23. Can i run Arma 3 on Mid/High or High settings with this PC? SPECS: PROCESSOR Processor: Intel Core i5-4460 Processor speed: 3,2 GHz Processorspeed with turbo: 3,4 GHz Processor brand: Intel Processor number: i5-4460 Processormodel: Intel Core i5 processor cores: 4 RAM RAM size: 8 GB Graphicscard Brand: NVIDIA Type: GeForce GTX 745 Graphics memory: 2 GB Graphics memory type: GDDR5 Hard Drive Hard Drive capacity: 2 TB Number of installed Hard Drives: 1 Total memory in GB: 2 TB HDD met 8 GB ExpressCache Solid State Drive (SSD): Yes