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  1. We strave to the most realistic so the anwser is that in hard mode, it will take as long to take off as it takes in real life. We are using Fullers Missilebox, so almost all weapons are in there, but weapons that are not in there will be made by ourselfs.
  2. No problem man, stuff like that happens, no big deal ;)
  3. I am not sure if you read the last 2 pages, but we specificly said that there will be 3 cockpit modes, the easy/dumb one, which will have no interactive cockpit, an medium/normal one, which will only have interactive switches to change the MFD screens, and a hard/realistic mode, which will have a fully interactive cockpit as seen in the A-10C from Peral and DCS.
  4. Looks really good!! Keep in mind though that this boat was designed to fit in a C-130, so dont make it too big.
  5. Yes, the interactive cockpit will be applied to all Fixed Wing and Rotary Wing aircraft, and maybe to ships aswell
  6. We wil add the Interactive cockpit on a later stage, since we are still developing it, and it could take us months for we finish it, and we dont want to hold back the first models, just because we dont have the interactive cockpit ready yet.
  7. Foxone

    United States Air Force( 2015)

    The US Air Force only operates the F-35A, the F-35B is used by the US Marine Corps and the F-35C is used by both the US Navy and the US Marine Corps
  8. Foxone

    Operation FrenchPoint

    YESSS!!! Cant wait for it
  9. Foxone

    Operation FrenchPoint

    Will we see the Caracals shining in Arma 3??
  10. I think the other PBO's are in the optional folder
  11. As a Dutch Arma player i can say, i am looking forward to this, and i love your other work!!! Keep it up! I hope to see some more RNLAF and other dutch military branch vehicles in the future!
  12. Well all the large ships will be static in V1.0 but will be drivable at a later state, because we have to figure some stuff out as for walking on the ship while it is moving, same goes for landing a Helo on the ship and attaching it. As for the smaller boats, they will be driveable in V1.0
  13. Pure Photoshop work!!! :o
  14. Looks so damn good!! Cant wait to fly them!
  15. We are working with TeTeT on his A2 port, no further details are given for now
  16. Foxone

    US 75th Rangers

    Aah thats too bad, but if you could keep them on the Uniforms as standard, than it would work right?
  17. Foxone

    US 75th Rangers

    You should definetly keep those Ranger tabs, they make them look even more awesome!! Or will you at them in as insignia/patch?
  18. Foxone

    Eden Editor - Question/Suggestion

    @Chortles What i mean is that you place a weapon down (which you can find under empty), and then you double click on the weapon, and than a little window pops up and gives you the ability to customize the weapon.
  19. Just to announce something, I have started working on the Arleigh Burke Class Destoyer, as for now there are no screenshots available. But i can say that I am using the Arma 2 Destoyer model as base model, and will modify it from there on.
  20. Foxone

    Eden Editor - Question/Suggestion

    I would love to see the ability to customize a weapon you place down, so like, you double click it, and than a little UI pops up and there you can set attachements for the weapon for instance a bipod. In the case of bipods i think there must be an option to have the bipod deployed so you can have the gun resting on the stock and the bipod. It would also be nice that when you place a vehicle down, you can select if the doors are opened or closed.
  21. As of now we have, :D Link: http://s827.photobucket.com/user/Brian_Pothoven/library/US%20Naval%20Warfare%20Pack?sort=3&page=1
  22. It is scheduled for a later release, it may / may not be included in the pack, that is yet to be decided
  23. Make something great of it buddy!! Can't wait to see your version done! Keep it up