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  1. I am working on a Phalanx CIWS which will be featured the Nimitz, and on al the US Naval Warfare Pack ships
  2. ALLCON Stand by for Destroyer WIP pictures This Sunday i will upload the first couple sceenshots of the destroyer, so you guys can see the progress. I hope you will like my work so far! :) Cheers, Foxone PS: sorry for the week delay, i had important school stuff which came up, and school is my first priority.
  3. Not at the moment sadly, this is all due to Arma 3's engine, you would need diving gear to man the sub
  4. That is because they dont fly them, this helicopter is featured in the movie Zero Dark Thirty as Wiki stated above, that is the only time they were used. (They are probably still in development at Area 51).
  5. Foxone

    [WIP] Rhodesia Bush War

    That is one sexy looking vehicle, i want it IRL! LOL
  6. Then the P-8 will also be able to launch it, same goes for any other type of aircraft, if it is able to fire a curtain munition IRL, it will be able to fire it ingame aswell. Something like that is being worked on yes,
  7. Yes the BGM-109 Tomahawk will be there, and will be fitted on both the Destroyers and the Cruisers
  8. I will release some screenshots of my work on the destroyer by the end of this week, or monday next week, and there are no new pics since there are just some minor tweaks being made and some scripting stuff, which i think isnt that interesting to see. :)
  9. Foxone

    US 75th Rangers

    Suggestion, you should make gas masks (that actually work, and have the goggles effect like NVGs and ACE) that would be pretty sick
  10. I will stick with C4 or Semtex, along with a flashbang!
  11. Its not that is already out there....... LOL
  12. Foxone

    Lowlands Warrior

    That will be awesome, i hope you guys will make it!
  13. Foxone

    Lowlands Warrior

    Where is Eindhoven Airbase, home of the C-130 and KDC-10??
  14. Foxone

    Eden Feature Requests

    YES cant wait for an implemented Arsenal in Eden!!
  15. Not sure about the modules, will be discussed. About the RHIB (which is also its IRL name) they will be on the ships (only if they have teh irl) and they will be deployable ( and you can get it back on the ship aswell, and re-deploy it again).
  16. Foxone

    Sikorsky S-97 Raider - EARLY WIP

    http://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2015/10/a-walk-around-sikorsky-raider-contender-for-worlds-fastest-military-copter/ I found this on the web today, there are some good shots of the raider, including the cockpit and the passanger bay.
  17. Soon, i havent had much time to work on it the past weeks due to school, but next week i have one week of holiday, which i am going to use to get alot of stuff done on the Michael Murphy, so expect some screenies by the end of next week :)
  18. Foxone

    [WIP] Terrain: Sugar Lake

    Damn, cant wait to drive around in my boat. Looks so awesome!!
  19. That is where the boom goes insed the aircraft for it to recieve fuel.
  20. So if you hate your life, you can shoot yourself pretty accurate, LOL
  21. Then you will see them ingame aswell :)
  22. only the weapons that are used by the navy, so no B61.