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  1. Are you planning to import the rest of the BAFX and Rangemaster pack aswell, because i really want to see your UK Mastiff in Arma 3
  2. Remove this post please ADMIN
  3. You guys don't learn anything here on the forums do you! Posts like: Are really demotivating model makers. Think about what you want to say before you say something. If i see posts like this again i WILL report it to an Admin. Also i can say for sure that he is still working on the LCS-1 ship.
  4. Oke something i noticed on this thread and on other threads are that people assume the project is dead after there has not been an update posted on the Forums for a couple of weeks and that they keep asking about when it will get released, try thinking about it, if you look at the size of our asset list you see it is quite a big list, so it will take alot of time because we want to go as detailed as possible. For example take a look at Firewills projects (i love his planes) it takes him half a year (or more) to finish 1 aircraft, and you dont see people continuesly aking about release, then why do people keep asking on this thread when it will be released as you can clearly think that it will take a long time to finish all the vehicles on the list. Well with that being said, here is a SITREP on the Destroyer. To do: - Fix topology - Making weapons, ammunition and fixing current ones - Doing the interior - Applying details to exterior and interior I am currently working on the Phalanx CIWS for the destroyer and other ships, i will see if i can upload some pics next weekend. The topology will get fixed by Peral. I think we will get to texturing phase for the destroyer hopefully in March, could be sooner could be later. So expect some new screenshots to hit the thread in the following weeks, as i also have 2 weeks holiday so i have loads of time to work on it. Thats all for now, stay tuned!! -Foxone
  5. Hey John,I had some issues with the landing gear not retracting after taking off from the Nimitz. It happens about 1 out of 8 times, just wanted to give you a heads up (F/A-18E/F) Other then that, still one of my favorite mods of all times. Cheers, Foxone
  6. Firewill, first of all outstanding work, can't wait to fly these birds this month! One question though, how do you get those birds to fly in formation? Sorry if this has been asked before, i couldn't find it anywhere.
  7. Foxone

    Crye Airframe WIP

    The title is soo misleading, i though it was a chopper or a plane :P . But good work, looks really good!
  8. We do not have our own map, that map belongs to SJones, he made it for him and his Milsim Unit: Carrier Strike Group 11 (CSG11). We have not planned any terrain at this point
  9. NEXUS update broke half off ACE and other mods
  10. Foxone

    British Ridgback PPV

    Hey cleggy, I really love your addon! One question: are you planning on making a ridgback version with a CROW M2, and are you planning on making a Mastiff/Mastiff 2
  11. Foxone

    Objects for Tanoa

    I would love to see some canoes, wooden fisherman ones and tactical canoes
  12. Yes, all aircraft will in V1.0 have only the easy start up mode, so you just press Shift and the engine goes on. Then in later versions a medium mode (which will have interactive MFD's) and a hard mode (complete start up sequence and interactive cockpit). We will possibly try to incorporate something like this for the gunners on the ships aswell, but that is yet to be decided.
  13. I am looking for a mod which has dpm woodland and dpm desert gear. If you know a mod send me a PM or just reply in this thread. Kind regards, Foxone
  14. All the ships will be walkable and be able to have a helicopter land on it. V1.0 of the big ships will be static but walkable. V2.0 or later will be moveable (and maybe also a Heli being able to land on it, but that could be in V3.0)
  15. I think i miss understood what you said. I thought you meant a hatch so you can enter the ship from underneath it. But yes the doors will be able to open and close, same goes for the hangar doors (ofcourse). If this is not what you meant to say, please send me a PM, with an explanation.
  16. Oke, thank you for the quick reply, and i cant wait for this terrain to come out, keep it up!
  17. We are using Fullers missilebox, and are adding our own weapons to it, like the torpedoes and Tomahawks, and missiles and bombs which werent in there already.
  18. We are making our own torpedos and Anti-ship missile scripts, also yes the ship will have walkable interior (with textures ofcourse). And about the hatches for the diver missions, that will be a no, since that isnt their in real life either.
  19. As promised! Here are the first WIP pictures of the Destroyer model i am working on: VLS 64 Cells mounted on the aft of the ship: The first tow rudders and propellers: The Mk-45 Mod 1/2 mounted on the front of the ship together with the 32 cells VLS system: Mk-32 triple torpedo tubes: 64 Cells VLS system: The two hangar doors and landing deck: The 32 Cells VLS system: Just for the record: I am using the Arma 2 Destroyer as a base model, but i have removed a lot of parts, and added alot of my own parts to it, so a portion credits go to BI for making the Arma 2 Destroyer and giving all the Arma 2 files to the community. EDIT: I just noticed the pictures aren't fully HD, i dont know why, but they were fully HD when i uploaded them to Photobucket. Cheers, Foxone
  20. First of all, outstanding work! Two questions though. One: Will this terrain require the Brazilian Armed Forces mod? Two: Will there be requirements at all?
  21. The crew wont suffocate, but the problem is that there will be water on the inside of the sub, like in the SDV
  22. somebody else in the group is already busy with the Sea Sparrow, so no, that wont be me