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  1. I have not seen any posts about the CH-53 being cancelled, so NO it is not cancelled
  2. This might be something that would have the things you need: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=29841
  3. UPDATE: After some small discussions yesterday, we have decided to remove some more assets of the list. The following assets are: - All the ground vehicles - 2 UAV's, the RQ-7 Shadow and the ScanEagle - AV-8B and the MH-53E Well with that being said, some better news, today i have started on the SOC-R model, i hope to post some screenshots soon!
  4. Is there a way to to have the Slaved Cannon controlled by a gunner that is a player? Or is that Arma being Arma? It should be do-able, as Nodunit and Franze have something like this in their AH-64D Apache mod
  5. I know hence the: ;)
  6. I will keep all the help/tips/constuctive criticismn in mind during the Roadmap discussion which is scheduled for tomorrow, and we will thoroughly discuss it, and YES this may result in the cut of some more features and maybe assets. I want to thank everybody for their tips and constuctive criticismn, with all this in mind, we hope to get back to work and bring high quality models to Arma 4 (Just Kidding Arma 3 Offcourse :P :P)
  7. The Nimitz is an CVN which is still in the works by TeTeT, some of our guys are also part of the Nimitz team (including me). So that is not on our list for that reason, and our scope is to release new assets to Arma, the only assets we have on the list that are already out there are the F/A-18E/F, the CH-53E, and the H-1 aircraft, which we are all renewing with alot of new features, and as we already have the models
  8. I'd be happy to test ;)
  9. Can we expect V1.0 today or tomorrow?
  10. I have some sad news, i sadly dont have the M777 model anymore, it is a real shame, but i hope someone will make. Cheers, Fox
  11. I think we still have the model of the M777, but i have to check, if we still have it, someone else may have it and finish it if they desire
  12. Foxone

    EricJ Release thread

    Nice Kiowa, keep it up
  13. That would be great, just PM me with the relevant things. Thanks, much appreciated!
  14. After some weeks of silence here is an update you want to read: After Turtleimpaler stepping down, me and SJones took over as lead devs on the project. In the past weeks we have talked with the team, and discussed the asset list. As we were not sure why some assets were on the list, we decided to cut the asset list back to what our initial drive to start this pack was. This mean we have cut out almost all of our ground assets, some air assets have been removed aswell, along with 2 ships. This also means we have added some new Boats, and UAV's. We don't have a clear roadmap at this point, as we are still working on that. Some more news which might make some people sad, is that we decided to start with ships such as the LPD, LSD rather then the destroyers and cruisers, the reason here for is that, we saw more use and fuction in ships that can deploy larger forces of both Air and Seaborne assets at this time, and with Arma's current engine possibilities in mind. This does not mean there wont be any destroyers and cruiser at all, but that they will come at a later stage. Here is an updated asset list: !!!IMPORTANT!!! We are actively looking for people with animation and Oxygen (O2) skills. We are also looking for people with good modelling, scripting, config and texturing skills. If you have any of these skills and want to join the team, message ME or SJones, or come on our Discord and send a message there. Thats all for now, and stay tuned for a new Roadmap soon!
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    [TFR] Task Force Radio

    Not the place to ask mate ;)
  16. Nice!! Can we expect the release today or tomorrow?
  17. Same it looks almost very light Olive green
  18. Cant wait to finally "play in the snow" :D :P