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    Eden Objects

    Hey, i love how the GCS looks, but my question is, do you think you can expand the module to where it comes with a seat added to the object where you can sit on, and have the animations described in the PDF, which leads to my second question, do you think you can make a quick tutorial video on how to display the live UAV feed to the GCS, as i couldnt figure it out myself. And perhaps add an action when you are in the seat that you can access the UAV terminal. Cheers
  2. Foxone

    Eden Objects

    I am not sure if it supports it either. But stuff like NATO have a different name in dutch, so if you have the word NATO on something like that epic locker, you could change that to the dutch word if you plan on doing a dutch version. If you know what i mean
  3. Foxone

    Eden Objects

    Let me have a look when i am back, and i will see if i can provide some more translations
  4. I love the terrain, but i encountered some issues: - Some trees/rocks very close to the taxiway (already mentioned i believe) - if you come from the lower hangars, and have to drive up the hill, it is impossible as the plane cannot pickup enough speed to go up the hill. - There is some sort of cart near the diagonal placed hangar on the lower level which makes it unable to exit the hangar with a plane, as the planes wings hit the cart. - When you drive over the bridge on the runway, the plane will blow up, no matter the speed. - the taxiway going uphill is too close the the rockwall (left side) so planes with a little bit bigger wingspan cant go up the hill. All of these issues where encountered on the SpecOps Island, and using the A-164 Whipeout
  5. Can someone please tape my jaw back, cause it keeps on dropping when i look on this thread. Great works, keep it up!!!
  6. Foxone

    Eden Objects

    For Dutch translations send me a PM
  7. Those 2 look pretty cool!
  8. Pretty sure that is similar to the new "Light Strike Vehicle (LSV)" coming with the APEX expension
  9. If someone makes this, i would really like to see a Dutch Army version aswell :D
  10. Just to confirm, SrbKnight wasnt part of the US Naval Warfare pack, if you guys use the Arleigh Burke destroyer from the US Naval Warfare Pack, then you are using the one i was working (which CUP is free to use OFC)
  11. OOh Damn, your work is getting more intersted with the day
  12. Foxone

    [WIP] Viper V-16

    Looks cool, keep it up and good luck!
  13. Hey Franze, maybe you could use John Spartan's and Saul's service menu, as that is easily adaptable to any aircraft and has a nice skin section aswell
  14. Everything except number 2 is in CUP!
  15. Looks amazing, is it with the new Arma 3 lighting, or Arma's current one?
  16. Foxone

    CH-46 Knight

    The video has been linked before (page 12). But it is still funny as hell (I even added it to my playlist :P )
  17. Wont happen, i can tell you that
  18. Foxone

    CH-46 Knight

    Nice, keep it up!! CH-46 looks sexy as hell!
  19. Foxone

    CH-46 Knight

    Seeing all the blue actions in the action menu which i assume are all the custom actions, will those be able to be configured through custom keybindings?
  20. Foxone


    I suggest you stop with asking questions and requesting a load of stuff all the time and start reading the Thread itself you might learn something from it. As we have mentioned before we are using Firewills missilebox, this also includes his Service menu. As this plane wont be part of CUP, we wont be using CUP Ejector seats (I believe this has also been mentioned before).
  21. Foxone

    CH-46 Knight

    Only MARINES can do something like this, LMAO
  22. A tactical canoe with a FFV position would be very cool, especially with Tanoa coming up. Pic:
  23. Foxone

    British Ridgback PPV

    Did someone say Mastiff?! Enlighten me please :D