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    ACRE2 Public Beta Release

    Alright, another day another chance to get my buddy's mod working. Just quoting this so people can see on the next page what has happened so far. Additionally, we tried several fixes you guys suggested (thanks!). We ran everything with, and without administrator mode We made sure he was using the 64bit version of the mod (he has a 64bit OS and 64bit TS) Any suggestions? I'm struggling to help this guy!
  2. jufari

    ACRE2 Public Beta Release

    Yeah. Although my friend is taking a break atm. I just call him back on whenever I come up with a possible fix
  3. jufari

    ACRE2 Public Beta Release

    @BL1P He is using 64bit OS and 64bit TS When he uses the 32bit .dll it doesn't show up in his plugins list. When he uses both .dll's or just the 64bit .dll he gets the "Plugin failed to load: Failed to open plugin" error still. Also, again thanks for quick response! Any other ideas?
  4. jufari

    ACRE2 Public Beta Release

    Yes, both are running in admin mode. Also tried running it without admin mode (saw something about an update that can cause problems if you run as admin). Neither works. Thanks for fast response though! Any other suggestions?
  5. jufari

    ACRE2 Public Beta Release

    Hi, I'm helping a friend of mine setup our mods for Arma 3. I've helped at least a dozen people setup their mods but this one guy is having problems. After he copies the .dll folders over to his teamspeak plugins folder, ACRE2 is listed but it is red. The description box says "Plugin failed to load: Failed to open plugin" He has the newest version of TS (3.0.16) He has tried older versions of TS (always got rid of all of them He has reinstalled TS, all of his mods, and Arma 3 He has reinstalled his C++ 2010 He has replaced some missing audio.dll's (fixed a different problem) I've been working with the guy for several hours and I've run out of ideas on what to do. Any help would be appreciated, thanks! EDIT: He is running it on a very new computer and he is running windows 8.1 EDIT2: He is running 64bit windows and 64bit Teamspeak. He is using amd processor and nvidia graphics
  6. Yes, it is fixed for me! Thanks so much for your support man, my group and I will be using this mod for a long time! Thanks again, Jufari
  7. Thanks for the response Levrex! Here are the results: 1) My mods are not located in the arma II OA root folder (I think it is because I use play with six). They are located in my "my documents" folder. This has never been a problem so I doubt it is now, but I figure it can't hurt to let you know. I get the following results when I did this. This is the error I get. 2) When I restarted my BE service, it is worth noting that all that happens is a command prompt window pops up and then disappears less than 1 second later. Also, when I checked my task manager after manually running BE service, it is not listed. Anyway, when I try to join a server my game closes and this happens. This is what happens when my game closes. It is there for about 5-10 seconds. Then my game restarts itself and when I join a server with TRF radio installed, it continues to give me the same problem you were getting a couple of days ago. 3) Unfortunately I don't have anyway of rolling it back that I know of. However, while writing this post I found out that apparently there is a way to uninstall select windows updates. I'm going to uninstall the updates that you listed on the ArmA III mod thread and edit this post with the results. EDIT: Okay, I uninstalled KB3001554 (update for Win7 x64), weighing 417 KB, and then I went to look for Windows Defender update KB915597 (Definition 1.185.2784.0), weighing 279 KB, and I could not find it. I tried launching the game after I uninstalled the first update listed, and I am still getting the same error. 4) While this would probably work, I don't want to do this. I have too much stuff on my computer and no where to back it up. If it comes to this, I would rather just wait until a BattlEye developer releases a fix :p Thanks again for the response! Jufari
  8. I have the same problem as you did levrex. I saw the two fixes you posted on the Arma III TFAR thread. I can not do the first fix (system restore) as I haven't made any (fairly new computer). When I try to do the second fix (run one of the two files you listed) I am confused as to what I am supposed to do. I navigate to the files and run them. I tried running both and then launching, as well as only running one and then launching. This has had no effect. Am I supposed to run one of those files a different way? All they do when I click them is they open up command prompt for less than 1 second and then close. I am running windows 7 and using play with six for my mods. I have two friends that can connect to the server and everything works just fine for them, so it is clearly something on my end. Thanks in advance! Jufari