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  1. nourisseptianto

    FA-18X BlackWasp - REAL SOUND mod

    do you have any plan to make real sound for su 35 too?
  2. nourisseptianto

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    could u added new plane such as Su 30 tandem seat and thermal optic on russian federation stuff? i believe russian already modernized their stuff on early 2011..
  3. nourisseptianto

    F-35C Lightning II

    i mean it was made by Olli, the one in MANW just seem like ordinary plane..
  4. nourisseptianto

    F-35C Lightning II

    i was impressed with this model.. could you make another plane as rival for this?(after u finish this one) maybe Su-30 or another russian stuff? that would be awsome :3
  5. nourisseptianto

    Voice informer for planes

    i want Sukhoi 35 by JS & JC added too :D
  6. could you add some thrust vectoring for this plane?
  7. nourisseptianto

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    is there no thermal in tank gunner scope?? or just i missed somethin??
  8. nourisseptianto

    Veteran mod (VTN) - announcement and WIP

    greeting from me, i would like to add some vts or virtual training space or something like that, so our clan here can enjoy with our own mission creator with your addons.. if it possible :p
  9. nourisseptianto

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    hey there.. greetings from me, your mod here improved our clan combat effectiveness it was awesome, but i'm a little bit dissapointed in air to air combat, because maybe you guys added some G-force effect.. but when i'm watching at youtube, actually the G force effect minimized by the design of pilot coverall, it would make our blood keep stable (if im not mistaken).. i fly Su-35 with extreme maneuverability, im just doing U turn and i was blackout :( .. perhaps u could fix this, but indeed it have a G force effect but not instantly like that i think :p, maybe if u do U turn in 4 times in a row, or something like that.. it makes me difficult to fly as an Air support role, especially when im using SU 35.. waiting for your respond here :) thanks for the mod btw..
  10. nourisseptianto


    yes its virtual training space.. could you make it compatible with that?
  11. nourisseptianto

    Kaelies' South Zagorian Army Mod

    greetings from me.. the mod was awsome, especially Mi24 and the vest, i like it.. i wonder if there is an update for modernized Mi24.. keep it going :)
  12. nourisseptianto


    greetings from me.. I always wanted to use "russian stuff" in arma3 than NATO, but sadly i cant use this in VTS map, did u know why? everytime i bought that uniform from the shop it wont appear.. waiting for explanation from the expert here.. oh btw i've installed this mod correctly..
  13. hi there.. greetings from me :3 i just wondering if there is some script that could make different way to engine start up.. its just like before turning on both engine, turn on electrical power first, then turn on left engine, right engine then wait 1-2 minutes to make engine run properly, then close the canopy, maybe this could make some "new" feeling for flying in arma3.. not like vanilla arma animation that could did that in 1 way by pressing Lshift and go.. i'm just giving whats in my mind now :) oh btw, i like your Su-35 john, i'm waiting for the next update here.. and i keep wondering how could i do cobra pugachev on that plane :confused: