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  1. This seems to work very well, the truth is that it gives me the possibility to put a top layer for wounds and two more for camouflage, being able to change the camouflage patterns without much difficulty.

    You all ask me what's the use of this if you can't choose the face? Maybe not at the moment but hopefully in the future we will have that possibility.
    But apart from this, there is also another advantage, the textures of wounds, camouflage and etc ... are shared, this allows to eliminate 50% of the textures and that also means eliminating 50% of the Mb used by the mod.
    Currently we were already with 50 faces in the 1.200Mb, wouldn't it be a good news to lower it to 600Mb?

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  2. 3 hours ago, Phoenix Hurlant said:

    What is proposed is really very beautiful but impossible to test it in game. How should we go about changing our face? Can we choose it or is it as usual, a random choice made by reforger? 

    It is clear, my dear friend, that like you I am a slave to the advances of BI. I can make textures of faces and add it to the existing system of randomness.
    I am just a graphic artist who does not have the capacity to program a HUD where I can choose a personalized face.


    Is there an option to do it?

    Yes there is... the command is called SETIDENTITY, but beyond my pixels I can't help you.

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  3. On 5/14/2024 at 12:35 PM, zukov said:

    you will add even the camofaces? (the cherry on top would be a night tiger pattern)

    I told you no, but I just had time and started playing with MatPBRMulti and it might be possible to do something to add faces with camouflage... 


    Reduced almost 45% of the amount of textures for bodies and faces... I haven't tested the impact on FPS yet.

    But a face selector is still needed. ÑEEE!

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    Version 0.2.1 released, with improvements in the quality of the eyes of all characters.
    Also added the faces of Ben Kerry & Kostas Stavrou.



    Tattoos on the arms for Kostas Stavrou & Nikos Panagopoulos.


    Quality detail in tattoo bonding

    Before <-> After



    On 5/14/2024 at 12:35 PM, zukov said:

    you will add even the camofaces? (the cherry on top would be a night tiger pattern)

    There is no easy way to add the paints on the faces, it is a lot of cost in Mb of textures... Already with the theme of the blood it is necessary to double the amount of textures.
    Besides, even in Reforger there is no option to paint the face.

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  5. While I rest from so much head, I take the opportunity to fix small bugs (damn PNGs) and add quality details.


    For example now I'm working on the eyes, they always seemed too bulging, like a toad.

    With the help of two 256x256px textures (only 85Kb) I have given a great detail to the iris of the eye giving it depth and volume.



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  6. It's time for action...

    Pre Version 0.2.0



    Additions, improvements and a long list of changes for version 0.2.0 currently uploaded to Workshop.

    The number of heads has been increased to 40... the diversity of faces is noticeable when playing a game. And that's only with the Vanilla models of ArmA 3 (and some test extras).
    For now I guess I'll rest on the updates before facing the APEX DLC characters.

    Now I'll let you enjoy the spectacular quality of the new faces for ArmA Reforger.



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  7. A new start

    Beta Version 0.1.5

    I bring a new update, this time I have already perfected the system of creation of the faces and I have renewed all of them.
    Also adding the effects of bleeding on body and face when receiving hits or shots.



    I'm happy with the result and above all with the mechanization of the process. I hope to gradually have all the faces of ArmA 3 converted to ArmA Reforger.

    Enjoy it...

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  8. Taking up old projects

    Beta Version 0.1.2


    I've taken up again the texturing of the characters from ArmA 3 to ArmA Reforger.
    Several things have changed, so I've had to half restart the texture transformation process.
    As you can see it's a bit different from how it was at the beginning, but the methodology of representing the faces in AR has changed, simplifying it and losing quality in the process.




    W.I.P. Wounded




    W.I.P. Boris Krupin in the nude





    • improved face textures
    • added body colour textures
    • added first wounded textures on 2 heads (test)
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  9. Small differences between women

    Version 1.440

    Greetings friends of physiognomy...
    One thing I have been asked to do is to add identityTypes values for female faces. Now you can set your mods according to these values depending on the ethnicity of the woman.


    It's really simple, just add a _W to any existing identityTypes.


    Good luck and happy holidays 2024.

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  10. I think I have the perfect Normalmap template to generate all the faces of ArmA3 at 4K.
    A correct combination of the skin details we have in Vanilla, plus a more realistic minidermis and added a microdermis that is the delight of any potographer.



    Of course I'm also improving the feet for the legion of podophiles!



    Happy weekend... & feet.

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  11. On 4/27/2023 at 12:23 AM, froggyluv said:

    Very cool level of detail and im no marketer but you might not want to lead off with dem fungal feet pics....jus sayin


    You're right about the cover, but maybe it's also on purpose as aggressive propaganda.
    I don't mind the foot jokes (it's true, they have horrible feet!).

    But as I already said in the workshop... "When a Wise Man Points to the Moon, The Fool Looks at the Finder." -Kǒng Fūzǐ, 500 BCE


    On 4/27/2023 at 3:25 AM, Harzach said:

    This will pair well with the new ACE Medical Toenail Clipper!


    Thanks for the idea! 😎

  12. Arma 3 Characters 4K


    This is a simple mod that upscales the textures of Arma 3 faces and bodies to a new level of detail x16. Recommended for people who are very obsessed with graphics quality and photographers.


    @A3 Characters 4K

    https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2965541384 (Available via WorkShop).


    Adds 109 textures with a size of 4096x4096 pixels.

    1024 vs 4096




    To Do list

    Here I'll show you what I'm working on so you can get an idea of what's to come.


     In principle the _CO textures, which are the Colour part, are scaled and finished with very good quality.
    Now I started to work on the _NOHQ which is the Normal Map part. I'm still in the process of research, so this is still alpha.
    I've also modified the _SMDI which is the glow and reflections part, these are being improved to make the eyes more believable and correct some old bugs in the methodology of the first ArmA 3 characters.


    Now, these characters are going to be quite heavy in some Gigabytes, I understand that can be a problem, but that's the thing about modern game graphics.


    Here are some pictures of progress, thank you & feet.












    Arma Public License Share Alike (APL-SA)

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  13. Improved Livonia heat quality

    Version 1.430


    Since I'm back from holidays, I've advanced some of the Contact guys' faces to full 2K quality.

    Livonia map and Aegis uniform/weapon

    Livonia map and Aegis uniform/weapon


    Also fixed the problem with the icons of the different DLCs when sorting by MOD in the arsenal (it was annoying for everyone to see them with my logo).
    I've also been playing around with the _AS maps that take care of the occlusive shadows and have given it a touch more quality (little change but it improves a bit when there is no light).

    And that's all for now, I'm still working with the camouflages to give a good experience.
    Happy summer!

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  14. ToH ReCharacters

    Faces of Bohemian Interactive for Arma 3 ported to Arma Reforger.


    50 new faces have been added that are distributed among the existing factions appearing completely randomly.


    Faces by faction:
    +35 US 
    +26 USSR
    +31 FIA


    Compatible with all mods, if you have a new faction and you don't know how to add them, contact me.

    Characters from the texture conversion of the original ArmA 3 faces, originally created by Bohemia Interactive.


    Available in Workshop



    Greetings to all, I am once again starting a project to adapt the old faces of our old friends to this evolution of Enfusion.

    Initially I will start with textures only and later I hope to add new heads. So forgive me if at first I will only be able to use the 12 head shapes that exist in Reforger.

    The initial work was to create a template for myself to be able to do the first step of basically converting the face distribution from A3 to AR. This took me about 10 days with a lot of testing, but once it was done it was a lot faster to process all the faces.


    Now it's been a while since I can't advance this due to lack of time, but the next step will be to create some templates based on the AR faces to give the most definition to the processed A3 faces.

    Here are some very preliminary examples of the processed and enhanced quality heads (Miller, Dwarden, Solomon Maru, Krupin, Yakhin😞




    Arma Public License Share Alike (APL-SA)

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  15. On 6/8/2022 at 3:55 PM, Valken said:

    Can I ask if you will consider this mod for DayZ SA since it is nearly the same engine? Or would configurations be different?


    DayZ and Reforger is totally different... Anyway, the important thing here is not the engine, but the UVmap of the textures. DayZ is more similar to ArmA 3 by joining the body texture.



    In the case of ArmA 3 to ArmA Reforger I had to almost reinvent the textures, being very little similar to the original texture.




    Then there's the legal issue, it's already semi-illegal to port the A3 heads to AR, and that's within the same license more or less being all part of the ArmA universe, going to the DayZ license is another world that I don't even consider.


    In conclusion, this is my TODO:

    ArmA 3:                I'll keep improving the face textures.
    ArmA Reforger:  Maybe I'll get to implement A3 textures in AR. A2 textures to AR might not be possible due to texture quality.
    DayZ:                    I'm not going to create content for DayZ, sorry.

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  16. Minor update:


    Version 1.420

    -Faces of Africans and Tanoans are adjusted according to skin colour.
    -Reduced the number of heads in Asian ethnicity to only Asian, Japanese and Vietnamese heads.

    All faces are still active, they just don't participate in identityTypes.


    I'm currently working a bit on the face creation for ArmA Reforger, and the truth is that adapting the A3 faces to AR is something spectacular.


    Here are some examples A3 to AR (Miller, Dwarden, Solomon Maru, Krupin, Yakhin):




    Have a happy June.

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  17. On 3/20/2022 at 2:43 AM, computer said:

    Would it be possible to include more humans in this mod?


    About the eyes, true that ArmA 3 has a little dark and gloomy. But they are the same as the ones the characters in ArmA 3 Vanilla have.

    I am a slave to the visual style and limits of the features set by Bohemia.

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  18. 12 hours ago, Airwolf said:

    Jove, got a couple questions:

    - Were you going to separate the female heads into a different mod? I know you had asked opinions on it in the past.

    - Do these heads have different identity groups, like "toh_spanish_heads" or something like that?


    Greetings @Airwolf,
    1- Yes I was asked to separate the females by size, but the size change was not significant. So let's simply choose to add a differentiator at the beginning of the woman's name "(W)blah blah".
    2- The heads use a similar nomenclature, yes.


    For identityTypes[] in CfgFaces, i use the current ones Vanilla Arma 3:

    • Head_Euro
    • Head_Greek
    • Head_Tanoan
    • Head_African
    • Head_Asian
    • Head_NATO
    • Head_TK

    In the Contact DLC they added some that may be added soon.

    • Head_Enoch
    • Head_Russian

    And I was considering using the ones that existed in Arma 2, but nobody uses them anymore:

    • Head_Irish
    • Head_European
    • Head_British
    • Head_Australian
    • Head_Canadian
    • Head_East_Asian
    • Head_Japanese
    • Head_Chinese
    • Head_BAF
    • Head_GER
    • Head_CDF
    • Head_RU
    • Head_CIV
    • Head_INS
    • Head_GUE
    • Head_PMC
    • Head_LCWF
    • Head_VME
    • Head_JSDF
    • Head_USMC


    The choice is based on the head originally used in Arma2 and the skin tone and shape of the face texture.


    Fully compatible with 9ACG Cold War Factions... 😉


    11 hours ago, JD Wang said:

    One of the reasons I posted my thanks earlier was because of the variety in faces you see when dealing with civilians, and now you go and do this!!! 😲


    Hahaha, I'm sorry, forgive me @JD Wang...
    It's not perfect, and the difference between people is almost minuscule at times. But it reduces the chances of finding 2 equal faces.
    And since I also improved most of Arma3 vanilla textures (Contact textures are pending), I also did the same experiment with them.


    I guess I must have some trauma that I have been obsessed by the heads and faces of Arma3.


    Thanks for using them... 😏

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