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  1. I have a mod that uses a postInit XEH and I'm trying to figure out where it falls in the order of inits.


    It seems like in single player, it gets called after functions with the postInit attribute, which is what I would expect.  In multiplayer though it gets called after object inits but before modules.


    Is this the intended behavior?  I was expecting postInit would run after modules at least.

  2. Perfect. Our community shall be your guinea pig, and all further reporting will go through the tracker.

    Is 760 supposed to be in the archive or does it not contain the latest RC?

    EDIT: Problem is definitely fixed. 100k items in a box and no drop in frames whatsoever!

  3. So we're trying to go back to ACRE after using TFR since A3 came out, and I must say, I am super impressed with all the new features. I can't wait to start playing with them.

    However, I'm having a small problem with lag spikes and I suspect its related to this issue. We usually have several crates with fairly high item counts, and its enough to cause the game to freeze slightly once per second. So my question is two fold.

    Is this something that's unlikely to be fixed? And what are the consequences of setting _doFullSearch = false in fnc_radioIdHandlers as one user suggested?

  4. When I bought A2, I did so because of its "sandbox" nature. I played it a bit then got bored and put it down (I had no idea about the wonderful community surrounding it). A year later I saw a wasteland video and thought, that looks fun, and I dusted it off to try again. It wasn't until I got bored of wasteland that I started looking around for more game modes and discovered mil-sim. I've been playing with a community for over a year now and have had some of the best gaming experiences of my life here.

    My point is, maybe all these casual game modes are actually good for the community. Maybe they attract players that otherwise wouldn't ever have even purchased Arma. How many closed groups saw the number of applications swell after DayZ? Arguably only 10-20% of those players are interested in a more serious style of play, but thats still more than enough to fuel several communities.

    I think the relationship is more symbiotic than parasitic.

  5. There is a huge difference between learning by example and simply copy and pasting. I don't know you so I will give you the benefit of the doubt when you say you've learned everything you know by asking questions or trial and error, but can you honestly say you've never unpacked a pbo without the authors permission? And did you ask every author involved in the creation of that pbo to look at the resource that he or she created?

    Also the painting analogy works for something like modeling or texturing. These are more artistic in nature and must be learned through practice. When it comes to scripting and configs, you enter the realm of logic and rules, and it is far more difficult to learn by trial and error than it is by example.

    Please don't mistake my argument as support for content theft. I am not trying to condone the actions of the A3Life "developers", I am simply concerned that an overreaction might cause more harm than good.

  6. I imagine a lot of mod developers out there are now thinking of ways to protect their work. There has been suggestions of not releasing things publicly, and encrypting pbo's etc and it scares me a little. How many of you can claim to have learned sqf or the config system independently? Without the modding community, Arma would hardly be worth playing (my opinion), and being able to look at other peoples code and configs is the single greatest learning resource we have (again my opinion).

    Don't get me wrong, claiming others work as your own, and worse trying to profit from it is despicable. But lets not cut off our nose to spite our face.

  7. Thanks for taking the time to answer. It's been very helpful.

    However I'm still a bit confused about making the actual texture image(or as BIS calls it _co). Could I not texture it in blender with the understanding that material properties will have to be converted to rvmats, then bake it the same way I would the normal map?

    Im thinking of something like the model number on the side of the gun, it would exist in the normal and specular maps as well as the texture. Is the _co texture and this sort of detail usually done in photoshop after you've baked everything?

  8. After porting the Mk48 over from A2, I decided to add a bit more detail to the model. A bit turned into a bunch and now I'm at a point where I need make sure I'm heading in the right direction before I end up wasting my time.

    Given that I can no longer use the original textures, do I (in order):

    Make the model as detailed as possible (tiny screws and springs etc), and not worry about polycount.

    Texture it and make it look nice using blender materials

    Create a copy of the high poly model to use as the view pilot lod and decimate it to an acceptable level.

    Use that pilot lod to create a uv map.

    Use the high poly model to bake the texture, normal, specular and occlusion maps onto the lower poly uv map

    Also, what should I be aiming for in terms of poly count when it comes to the view pilot lod? I've read 6k but I've also heard 20k so I'm not really sure. And when considering poly count, should I be counting actual faces, or all the tris that make up those faces?

    I apologize if this has been answered a million times, but I promise that if you guys answer all my stupid questions, I will deliver the most accurate and beautiful set of Mk 48's as humanly possible, and that all files will be delivered, open and free to use by anyone and everyone, in any mod pack or for any purpose within the limits of the APL, for all of eternity.

    Obligatory pics:




    All critiques, advice, suggestions etc are welcome.

  9. If I'm not mistaken Subaru and Dodge are registered trademarks. There is a huge difference between including a texture with a word on it versus claiming a work to be your own and directly profiting off it. It would be more alike if the Life guys were taking an actual real life Subaru, putting their name on it, then selling it at their own real life dealership.

    But whatever. If people are cool with this guy profiting of their work, then I guess I can live with it.

  10. For the past week or so I've been reworking the Mk48 from A2, and while checking out other models I found this guy.....this guy.


    If you look at his Mk48, you will notice a striking resemblance to the one that shipped with OA. I'm 95% certain that this is the same model and texture, and though I didn't compare them in detail, the DMR, M240, and "M9 with muffer" all look suspiciously familiar. Some Aussie c*nt I showed this to recognized some weapons from I44 as well as other games. He also found this guys change log and possibly his name. A little more digging turned up some emails and aliases as well as his newest gig.


    From what I gather this guy started ripping models when he got his hands on redacted, and hes been stealing people work and selling it on the internet for the better half of a decade. The people at polycount swatted at him but missed, and now it looks like he's started taking efforts to conceal his blatant forgeries so BI and mod makers might want to go through his new site thoroughly. The Masadas in particular look familar.

    -- personal info removed

    Everything I got came from googling his name and aliases. Have at him boys!!!

  11. It reminds me of Myst but less difficult. Which in turn made me go see what those guys are doing, and they have a sequel planned for release next year. If its anything like its predecessors it will be stunning.


    How do I get the ability to post threads? I've actually more important things to post but I don't want to derail an existing thread (like I am now). Is it a matter of reaching a post count or am I just doing it wrong?