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  1. I have found and "solved" the problem, just use the Su-35 mod, I don't know why there is this problem now, I will investigate and try to find a definitive solution ;)

    thank you to have reported the problem!!

    No problem! Thanks for being responsive and for all of your hard work. I love your re-textures. Keep it up!

  2. For me was all ok in the last days, I will try them today after work! The NATO weapons and the AG weapons are ok?

    Yeah, the NATO versions with the weapons from John_Spartan's F-18 seem to work just fine. It appears to just be the OPFOR versions with the weapons from John_Spartan & Saul's SU-35 that don't work for me- and it's only the AA weapons on those ones that aren't working, as the cannon and the rocket pods work fine. It's just the short and long range AA missiles on the CAP variants of the YAK. They simply won't lock on and won't fire at all.

    I don't know if this is just something on my end. I was trying them in Vanilla with no other mods running and they still wouldn't shoot. I don't know if there is a dependency or something I'm missing? I didn't see any notices for required mods for the YAK here or on Armaholic.

  3. I love the YAK re-textures, but I'm having a problem with the OPFOR versions. None of the Russian AA weapons put on them seem to work. I can't lock on to any targets what so ever, and I can't even fire the weapons at all without a target. They're just completely broken.

    Has anyone else had this problem and have a solution?

  4. Hey man! I love this pack. The huey is one of my favorite choppers, and I love having a ton of variants for all sorts of situations and factions. I'm hoping I might be able to convince the group I play with to put this in our mod pack in the future.

    One problem I noticed though- and I don't think it's been brought up yet -is when I'm playing as Zeus and I go to spawn a chopper in "huey helicopters" under "NATO", there are about 12 extra "UH-1H" variants listed between the "UH-1C Recon" and the "UH-1H Closed." If you click on any of them to spawn them in, it crashes the game. It doesn't seem to happen in the editor, only in Zeus (as far as I can tell). It's not a huge game breaking thing, but a little odd and annoying. Didn't know if you were aware already, but just thought I'd drop that in there. Otherwise, great mod!

  5. Always great to see another update with this mod. I noticed something purely cosmetic from a retexuring standpoint though:

    In the config files for the Mi-8 and the Mi-24, it states that "there is additional tail_decals selection to hide, useful for retexturing." However, there still is no slot under "hiddenselctions" for the "tail_decals" section for 99.9% of the choppers for the Russian factions, so you still can't get rid of the BBC ROSSIYA text if you're doing a retexture of a chopper for a different nation/faction. As far as I can tell, the only Russian chopper in RHS that you can actually alter the tail decal on is the civilian flagged Mi-8AMT, which appears to be the only one (that I can see) that has that "hiddenselections" option for "tail_decals."

    I know it's not a high-priority feature, but just I'm super eager to do some re texturing, and the RHS ports of the Arma 2 Russian helicopter are my preference as they're such high quality. I'm also just checking to see if I'm just being stupid and missing something obvious here.

  6. First off: really enjoying the mod! The group I play with uses it constantly. Second of all: I had a quick question regarding decals.

    I've been fooling around with decal and texture scripts for RHS vehicles in the editor, and wanted to know if there was a way to remove the "ВВС РОССИИ" text off the tail of a Russian helicopter. The "RHSDecalsOff = true;" script doesn't seem to get rid of it, and I can't seem to find any other information in the config files or the wiki or anywhere about that particular decal and its placement. The Mi-8 appears to have 5 hiddenselection options, and that lettering is affected by none of them. I've actually accidentally made the helicopter's textures invisible once or twice due to typos in the init field of a unit, and the lettering will STILL be on the side of the invisible chopper!

    The only reason I ask is because I found the CDF and Chedaki and civil Mi-8 textures in the mod files, and was fooling around with putting them on the RHS MI-8s using setObjectTexture. And it's a little immersion breaking when they have the Russian air force lettering on the side.

    Any guidance on this?

  7. ;2789835']Yeah' date=' it´s on an "Optional" folder inside the .RAR you´ve downloaded... (CSAT_Shahan.pbo)

    But it isn´t showing up on MCC nor VVS, you need to place it on editor and play around with it, hope to see it MCC compactible soon (hint hint to EvanCat)[/quote']

    Derp. I knew it would be something super obvious. I must have conveniently skipped over that step.

  8. Funny story with that, actually.

    I have no idea why there are so many flags.

    Part of me wants to make fun of the super cool tactical dudes who wear American flags plastered everywhere (in BF4 I see the characters wearing five US flag patches on their person) by having an OPFOR army do the same.

    The "realistic" explanation is probably that the CSAT armies are kind of vain and showy, like: "Look at us, we can kick ass but we're not NATO! Look at your new overlords! Look at it!!!" It also explains the bigger roundels on aircraft.

    It's not that they want to be seen while hiding in the bush, they want to be seen while walking down the street and proving that they're a new power on the block by being in your face about it.

    The third reason is that I needed to cover up the US flags already on the uniforms and platecarriers when I was using retextures. It kind of stuck with me into the new Azad model.

    Fair enough. Ever wondered about doing a low-vis version of the flag? Sort of like how the NATO infantry have the US flag in more muted tones? Though, I suppose it would defeat the purpose of them showing off, so I dunno.

    Either way, I'm still gonna use the crap out of these guys because they're preferable to the bug-men in spacesuits who inexplicably don't wear kevlar vests on a regular basis.

  9. Looking good! The new helmet and vest go well with another.

    Something I've wanted to ask though ever since I started using this mod- and don't get me wrong, because I love this mod to pieces. I rarely use the default CSAT anymore -is are there maybe too many flags on the overall kit? Between both shoulders, the vest, and both sides of the helmet it almost seems a bit over-represented.

  10. And here's a WIP light version. I need to work on the textures a bit more. There's going to be a heavier version with more stuffs for your legs like a belt and thigh panels, and then a more armored version hopefully with arm guards and a crotch panel.



    Looking good! They're really coming into their own with the new helmets and vests.

  11. I'll probably be finished with the Mi-8 and Mi-24 later tonight, I have to use different honeycomb sizes/patterns for different parts to match them up, then there is the color match process which is slightly different for each vehicle it seems.

    Yesssss. You sir, are a prince among men. Having all those vehicles put in CSAT colors is long overdue.

    Also, I completely forgot to mention in my first post: TheEvanCat, I love your mod. It's made CSAT feel like a much more believable and plausible enemy. Keep up the amazing work.

  12. Man, those look awesome. I've been hoping someone would reskin more vehicles- especially older Russian ones -to CSAT camo.

    Mind if I ask where you found a good sample of the CSAT vehicle camo texture? I've been thinking of trying my hand at re-skinning the Mi-8 and Mi-24 with that pattern for CSAT.

  13. Something that I'm surprised hasn't shown up yet- considering that there are now several ports of them from ARMA 2 in various other color-schemes -are CSAT/OPFOR camouflaged variants of the Mi-8/Mi-17 Hip and the Mi-24 Hind. I'd love to see both of those in CSAT aircraft colors.

    I also remember from lurking in the past that once upon a time someone was working on a CSAT color-scheme Mi-28 Havoc. It's a shame that project seemed to die off. It'd be cool to see someone take another stab at that. I remember something similar happening with the Ka-52 too. Ditto to wanting to see that in CSAT livery as well.

  14. Hello! My name is Savage and I decided to finally get around to making an account on the forums here- though I've been lurking for quite some time now.

    I was introduced to the series with the original ArmA back in 2007, but really fell in love with the series with ARMA 2 (once I finally had a decent PC). I'm looking to possibly try my hand at mission-making and modding for ARMA 3, so I'll probably be roaming those forums the most, asking noobish questions by the dozen (you've been warned).