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  1. Sry, folks for my very very Bad support but i gave up on ArmA 3 and the modding long time ago reason was to little time for too many Hobbys and things i also lost every mod Data because my Harddrive was killed, so that means i give my Dingo Mod fully into the Hands of the ArmA community, have fun! and again sorry for the bad support and that i didnt answerd PMs and stuff like that
  2. *UPDATE* -added bikey and bisign Download: http://www.file-upload.net/download-10371665/-B.W.D.R.rar.html
  3. Its for the "USED", im mean look at Cars that standed to long in the Sun, their color is slightly faded and thats what the BWmod textures trying to catch with this "white dust" ;) like this one for example.
  4. These are Textures from ArmA2 but i'm currently working on new one ;)
  5. Hi there folks, Me and my people reskinned and seperated the ATF Dingo2A2 from the ACR_A3 mod using frankymans Textures from the ArmA2 AMT DINGO. This is our first release and we hope you enjoy it. And we also working currently on new diffrent and "sharper" Textures for it, so standby for updates... Images: http://fs1.directupload.net/images/150125/c9pp34qo.jpg (542 kB) http://fs2.directupload.net/images/150125/d797lth3.jpg (536 kB) http://fs1.directupload.net/images/150125/3ogvjuja.jpg (754 kB) WIP Picture from the "HD" Textures we are working on http://fs1.directupload.net/images/150125/llng98v9.jpg (324 kB) Features: adds the -Dingo2A2 with MG3 + GMG(Flecktarn) -Dingo2A2 with MG3 + GMG(Tropentarn) to the BWmod to find in the Editor at "Radfahrzeuge (Tropentarn)" and "Radfahrzeuge (Flecktarn)" Required Addons: BWmod(Bundeswehr mod) *Update* -added bikey an bisign, sry for forgetting this ^^' Download: http://www.file-upload.net/download-10371665/-B.W.D.R.rar.html Credits: BIS for makeing such a great game! frankyman for the AMT Dingo and his Textures. special thanks to EvroMalarkey for the big help by solving some issues, his ACR_A3 mod and porting the Dingo to A3. BWmod team for the great mod. And thanks to my team the 7.Luftlandebrigade from the multigaming Clan (BLUE VENGEANCE) for separating and makeing it BWmod compatible
  6. stevoo4552

    Army of the Czech Republic A3 - ACR_A3

    cool, big thanks for that and keep up your great work ;)
  7. stevoo4552

    Army of the Czech Republic A3 - ACR_A3

    Hi, Me and my folks working on an German "Bundeswehr" reskin for your Dingos and i just wanted to ask you too if we could get your permission for that to release it in the Public later when its done??
  8. cant wait to see more from the Pelican *_* Great work so far:ok:
  9. First, Hello to everyone :) and i also have to say that your mod is great but i have some big shadow issues with the crytec vest in this mod :eek: is there allready a solution or fix going on :confused: