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    co10 Escape

    Has anyone had success running the mission with v0.3.8 of RHS? I continuously get mission uses deleted content rhsusf_c_troops. When I switch the server to v0.3.7 it appears to work correctly, even if the clients are using v0.3.8.
  2. Sov13t

    [COOP] Escape Roy

    Hello Roy: We have been enjoying this mission a lot! Today, we ran the latest 4.34 version on Altis. Have a few issues/bugs to report: 1. Parameters never save. I have it set to "Use below and save" and every time we restart the mission - have to reset all the parameters. 2. In version 4.34 for some reason the Karts spawn regardless of the option set in the parameters. 3. Throughout the game I, as the server, kept receiving messages about "Civilian vehicle must have a name. Script exiting" 4. We made it to the first rendezvous point, the choppers arrived and literally landed on top of each other. 5. After the rescue choppers MIA, new rendezvous point set. The new rendezvous was in the middle of the sea. South East corner of the map. Unfortunately, I can not post screenshots yet (new forum account), but have them if you need it. Look forward to future versions of this mission, and thank you for your work! Regards, -Sov13t