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  1. Oh, now I feel stupid. ---------- Post added at 11:18 ---------- Previous post was at 11:17 ---------- Oh, now I feel stupid. I tought the update 0.13 for ASDG JR Spacenavy mentioned was actually for TEI.
  2. Will the hotfix also be uploaded to Pw6? Currently it says 0.1 is the latest version.
  3. Hey guys, congrats on your Alpha release. Due to some unforseen circumstances I cant try out the mod today :(. But as promised here are the results from the mission survey https://nl.surveymonkey.com/results/SM-LQNXNTT7/, at least I hope the link works. Over the last day the reactions jumped from 91 to 118, but the survey was limited to 100 replies because I have a free account. So sorry last 118 guys who filled it in, your replies arent taken into account for the results. In retrospect I wish I had asked some questions in a different way, or asked some other questions than in the survey. But I hope it still can be of help to people making missions for this mod. ---------- Post added at 16:17 ---------- Previous post was at 16:10 ---------- I feel like an idiot asking, but how/where would I be able to find this?
  4. Wasnt really planning on it, Halo was pretty much the only reason I would buy one but due to the MCC launch Ive lost all trust in the fact that they are ever going to come close to the quality of the previous titles.
  5. Apparently the latest update should have fixed a lot of matchmaking issues with the MCC, still no functional ranks though. I wouldnt know if it really works, because I dont own an X1.
  6. Would it be ok for me to place a quick survey here about what types of missions people want to see being made? I will try to dust off my limited editor skills and create some stuff once the mod is out and try to create some missions. I wont promise anything, I always start with the fun stuff in the editor like thinking up a scenario and placing units and objectives, but lose motivation to finish it. I think it would be interesting for me and for mission makers to see what the community is interested in. EDIT: Ive just created the quick survey about missions, you can find it here https://nl.surveymonkey.com/s/3FQVHGH and will only take a minute or two. It is Survey monkey so max 100 replies. Ive also created a post in the TEI subreddit about it. I will post the results here and in the comment section of my Reddit post on Friday probably after the mod release. If anyone of the mod team feels like I shouldnt be posting this here, I will remove the link from my comment and delete the Reddit thread.
  7. GET HYPED! Release of the Alpha so close after the announcement. Is there a list somewhere that shows all the Alpha content, like what units/uniforms/vehicles(and maybe missions?) will be available in the public Alpha release? Cant wait.
  8. Damn, that looks good. Are you guys professionals in these things or something?
  9. That MA5B looks very nice. I love the way the iron sights were placed over the ammocounter. Seems very Halo but also useable in a more realisitic setting. Also nice touch on the flip-up sights for the GL.
  10. That MA5C looks great. So it going to be early next year? I suppose work on the mod will be down for the next couple of days, with those pesky holidays taking up time? Good to hear that you guys are coming so close though. Keep it up, I cant wait for the release. Will someone run a server that has this mod and a patrol-ops/insurgency or similar mission?
  11. The only info we got on that, is that there is a public alpha planned Soon. A few months ago, the team said they were aiming for an alpha release before the end of this year, but I believe that has been delayed.
  12. Checking back here and seeing really nice progress on the mod, all the stuff that gets posted looks great. Looks like a lot of stuff is (nearly) done. Why are the videos on the first post removed except the New Mombassa one, any problem in particular with the videos? A while earlier you guys said you were aiming for a public alpha before the end of this year, will this be moved up to next year as nothing is announced yet?
  13. Really nice work, cant wait until the first public release. Will it be possible to place units from this mod in the editor directly or will you have to place a vanilla unit and assign uniforms and gear to them? EDIT: Also is there a chance of getting a new weapon or vehicle showcase video anytime soon?
  14. Thanks for the reply. Before the end of this year is faster than I expected, but then again you guys are making a lot of progress. Looking forward to it.