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  1. Hello Wyqer, No, I was building slowly, and even waiting to decide what to build... The Machine is an i7 @ 3.4GHz with 16GB's RAM on Win7 64 I have a lot of resources now, so, not easy to reproduce, but when I had little resources it happened all the times... I will try to reproduce the problem saving the *.vars file and restarting a new session... I suppose restoring the *.vars file should restore my game... A question, is there a way to enable back the High command...sioncerely, I hate C2, it creates a lot of troubles, I am using the AAIC that I prefer, but, to ask an artillery to fire, all the times I have to aggregate thje artillery squad to my AI squad... would be nice if I could order them to fire via HC, without aggregating them... Edit: Ok, I made a test... Built big stuff, then when Ammo resource was at 50, I started bilding AT Specialists, which cost 10 Ammos... I was able to build a lot of them, even after the Ammo resource was dropped to 0... I believe this happens because, contrary to other stuff, when you 'Build' them, the 'Build' panel does not close like for example with Tanks... ah...and waited few seconds between buys...
  2. Hello, playing in SP, so I am not sure this affects also MP, however : - BUILD menu, it appears that the remaining resosurces level is not evaluated/checkd again each time I try to build something. e.g. I start to buil some soldiers withn enough resources, and even if my resources drop and are under the minimum level, or even 0, I could continue to build other soldiers, it seems at least if I do not change build Panel or close the build... - SAVEGAME, it appears like the minutes of the Time of Day are not saved, only the Hours, so that, if I stop playing a mission at time of day 21:35, when I restart the Time of Day will be 21:00. This is quite annoying because to have time to go ahead between saves, I always need to wait to exit the game till the start of the next hour... And of course, thanks for the great mission...
  3. Thanks Wyqer... I already read such information, but, it seems I missed the last line... :( Sorry... Thanks a lot.
  4. Hello, not sure if I could post here, as I am playing KP Liberation Tanoa 0.963a in SP, not in MP.... However, if you could reply I would be glad... I have a simple problem, as I need to build a Supply production facility, and even if I have plenty of resources available to build it ( Supply 100, Ammo 490, Fuel 500 ) that appears in the resource view, I always get the message that I have not enough resources to build it...and so I do not understand why I get this reply... Do I need to bring the resources there...? In any case, this is a great scenario with a lot of good features... thanks... Used Mods are : ace Advanced AI Command Advanced Rappelling, Advanced Sling Loading Advanced Towing Advanced Urban Rappelling Blastcore C2 - Command & Control CBA_A3 Enhanced Movement JSRS SOUNDMOD RDS Civilian Pack Unit Voiceovers Vcom AI V3.0 WW AIMenu Thanks a lot for any support Alex
  5. alexred

    A Mod to manage the AI Squad...

    Hello guys, thanks to all for the suggestions... About speech interface, I already play Arma3 by voice using GlovePie with some personal scripts... C2, I have tested it again, and, I do not like it that much... while the on map planning is nice even if not perfect, the hud control for any1 playing by voice is something that is not ideal, the main problem with the HUD stuff of C2, is that I did not find a way to disable it, I can unassign keys, but no way to unassign the numeric pad keys, so, too many times I had the formation pattern appearing on the display while fighting, may be for a wrong key pressed unintenionally, or by other stuff, like a misunderstood command, and...if in the middle of a fight, you are dead...I had to disable it finally, however, I will try it again another time... As I said, I am not looking something to command my AI in fight...I can do already easily by voice...I am looking for something to manage AI stuff, like the name, the position in the team, so for example to put pilots at higher numbers, or to give them names to easily recognize them when organizing the teams...and so on...we could call it like an AI logistic manager, nt a battlke/action manager... However, thanks to all for the interest...
  6. alexred

    A Mod to manage the AI Squad...

    Hi sirPecka, thanks, but this is not what I am looking for, the 1st one you reported reults unreachable, the 2nd one, I already use it... What I am looking for is something to rearrange the team, like changing their numeric order in the squad, change names, so that I can put a guy with a particolar role in a particolar position... Just to make an example, if I need an helicopter pilot that is in my squad, and some1 is killed, may be it's number in the squad has been changed, and I have to look for the correct number every time...or I want to create some squads of predefined roles with contiguous numbers in the team, to easily group them and avoiding every time to check which team unit numbers to group... something like this... Alex
  7. Hello, I essentially run A3 only SP, and WLA is my preferred scenario... Now, I face a situation where I have many AI mates in my squad, and the real problem is managing them... Every time a Team mate is replaced for any reason, there are a lot of position shifts in the whole team, and it's hard to remember each time the role of each mate and it's 'number' in the team, for example when assigning them to a color team or as a crew of an helicopter... So, I wonder if there is a some kind of mod that would let me modify/Manage my AI team, for example moving the Helicopters crew/Pilots at higher 'roster positions', may be change their name to easily recognize their role, ranking...and so on... I looked around for a tool/Mod like this, but found nothing really useful...and the Team menu in the map, appears to be quite useless... Any advice/Information would be welcome... Thanks to all... ...Regards Alex
  8. Hello... Updated with last SP mission : - The 1st time I restart the saved gamet I am always spawned far away from last location, the second time I am spawned at the correct location...In coding this usually happens when some variables are missing proper initialization, as the 2nd time u 'restart', the memory location has already been correctly initializae by 1st restart... may be also a desync between loading and positioning, objects are positioned before loading is fully completed and initialized... - Menu Slow down always present, and it seems to grow up with the more objecst/guardposts I create... - It happens that objects created by WLA menu have copies of themselves spawned again in same position after some time, even if I am not anymore in WLA menu, this happens with Static weapon, Specials, static vehicles, any object it seems... - I was in an heavy battle, and even with a lot of stuff and AI around, no FPS problems, but then, objects started falling randomly from the sky all around, anykind of object, persons too... never happened before... About the WLA menu slow down I noticed one thing... When the menu is slow to open, it appears like AI is less quick to react... For example, if I have a vehicle colum following me, when WLA menu is quick, I can see the AI in the vehicle behind me driving fine, following appropriately any path and avoiding obstacles in a decent way... when the menu slows down, driving AI appears to make weird things, and almost always stucks on easy passages... In games usually this happens when the AI tasks are too much delayed between calls, as the movement usually is calculated by time interpolation, and the only time the AI has is the tick of its task... so, if timing between task calls and so ticks is too long, the interpolation becomes less precise, and usually, for a moving AI this is transformed in a 'cutting the corners' behaviour... I dunno if this may be a clue, as I dunno how A3 coding works, I'd look eventually also into weird loops that may happen, that may be keeping CPU time or locking AI Tasks so that we have the 'cutting the corners' effect...
  9. Hello SaOk, I have an update about the 4 crates task... Finally I found the 4th crate, it was quite far away from the others, but I can not tell you exactly where... I was on a pier, so, it could have been in water ( but I did not see it ), in a cargo container, or even under the pier concrete itself, for the known problem of height offsets that Arma has ( try to build a small bag bunker on a pier and you know what I mean )... So, the task, apart the unloading problem, appears to work ok...
  10. Hello... I updated the mission and rstarted with ' continue old saved game'... As Already reported, I had to 'restart' 3 times before having a 'consistent' restart... 1st time the team and I were spawned in a remote zone, away from saved location... 2nd time, we were spawned at the correct location apart 1 team mate, which was at what I think was the original spawning location of the mission.. 3rd restart, all went fine, we were all there, and no vehicle was lost... This happenened till I continued to restart in same game session... I mean, after 3rd restart I started playing as usual, and found many team mates refused to mount on vehicles as driver, or when mounted, they do not drive at all... So, exited the game, I restored to the previous copy of saved games and executed again all the steps from scratch, so, 'restart' mission and 'continue saved game', everything happened the exact same way, 1st restart, all at wrong location ( the same as before ), 2nd time, 1 team mate spawned at wrong location, 3rd time, all ok, and this time, AI behaved normally... this shows this behaviour was consistens with the saved game, and not randomic... One thing I noticed: during 1st 'session' of the restored mission, I moved some vehicles from their original saved location, to check why AI was not 'driving' them... When I restored the saved games the 2nd time, and started restore steps again, I found the same vehicles already in such new position, not in the original I left them in the savegames before any mission update, that leads me to conclude that some stuff is saved elsewhere, and not updated/synced really with the mission saves... Another thing, this task related in this new mission: I had the task to move 4 crates of ammunitions to a resistance camp, but when I go to load the crates, there are only 3, I looked around, and found no other, so, the task never completes ( there is a way to force it to complete now ?), and, I think there are some problems in 'unloading' the crates with HEMTT : one crate was always 'unloaded' under the vehicle and immediatly explodes, whichever position the HEMTT was... I then restarted from last save game, and then everything was unloaded the correct way... Hope this helps... Alex
  11. Thanks stlassen for the report... Then, I saved the right way, using 0-0-0 and resuming normally... But after some saves this way, it appewars like the game slows down, WLA menu may require few seconds to appear ( but not an FPS drop ), and the only way to resume all at a playable speed ( at least for wla manu), is to restart again... Then all speeds up again, like sone 'dirty stuff' in thge save is purged off during the 'restart' loading... but then weird things starts to happen... 1) I am never restored from last save but some other save, so, I thought I saved the wrong way ( sometimes I made a menu save to have a 'mission start' point, not a 'quick save', that may be the cause )... 2) apart team organization lost, some stuff is missing... I updated today to last WLA, restarted, and I found my self in the same saved place with my vehicles column, but, most of vehicles were missing... 3) I have the impression that when I reload a mission, the whole 'environmental situation' is not restarted, but continued on... I mean : lets say I started attacking an enemy camp, few enemies were there, after few minutes enemy reinforcements arrive... if at this point for some reason I restart the mission from the save before I attack, usually, appears like the reinforcements are already there, as if the campaign realoads your mission, but it does not restores it's state... only way to restore it, is to exit the game and reload again... 4), if I loose some merits for I 'buy' something, my merits level of course lowers, but, if I decide to reload the mission where I started before ( of course in same game session ), the merits level is not restored back to the 'saved' level, again, like point 3, like such a variable/state is kept in memory and not restored by the reload... Sorry for being so long... I hope I said useful things... Thanks again for help and support, and to SaOk for the great work... P.S. There is a way to restore playing with my player ID instead of being Jackson...?
  12. Hello.... I am sorry if this question may be annoy you, but, have searched around and found no a clear answer to this question : What is the correct way to save and resume a mission in WLA...? I ask this for I love this mission, but I always have problems in resuming the mission... Every time I use the 'Restart' option and then 'continue old saved game', a lot of stuff is lost, I have to create all squads from scratch, many vehicles are gone, and I have to 'buy' them again, loosing all my merits... So, I am pretty sure my way of saving or resuming is wrong some way... Could someone tell me anything about it...? Thanks for reading and any help... P.S. SaOk, would be nice if the 'Rearm weapon' in the WLA Menu appear under the weapon itself, not in the weapon submenu ( with change weapon, and so on )... Rearming a whole platoon is quite boring passing though all those menus...
  13. Hello, I have a little report about own vehicles moved or disappearing... I read about the spawning back when you return from a distance greatoer than 2 Kms... I Dunno what scaling in measures Arma 3 is using and how they store the position of each vehicle ( if they do ), but in Flight Simulators coding usually a double is used to deal with math precision, to have enough precision in positioning, and you could fly away a lot and return, of course objects too far are removed and their positions stored in memory, and when you return everything is still there, this has to be coded in the game of course, and I believe SaOk can do nothing about it... However, to me happens as it was not a spawn problem, but like a number of vehicles problem... I mean : I had 1 tank, one AMV, one Hunter and usual truck in my base... Decided to get one Quad for next mission, and went into nearest village to buy it... When I returned to the base, the Hunter was magically gone, and the willage was no more than 500 Meters away from the base... I restarted from last save, and this time I bought 2 Quads... guess what...? when I returned, the Hunter and AMV where gone, no more in the base or around... disappeared... I made some missions, without getting vehicles, far more aways than 2 Kms from base, and when returned, apart being moved by the spawn, all vehicles were still there... So, I wonder if there is something limiting owned vehicles for some reason... for sure I have a lot of Power on this machine, and still had no FPS problem, so, do not think this is tied to fps saving... Another thing I noticed since I started a saved mission using 'restart', is that, apart having become Jackson from my player ID, all team names seems misplaced, like, it says green instead of red, blue instead of green... Reported direction are most of the time wrong, and, even if a target/object is about few meters away, they are reported as 1 click or worst... is there a way to force back the mission to get my Player ID...? Thanks for reading and for the great mission SaOk...
  14. Hello.... I am quite new here and to the game too, so I hope not to miss something... I like this mission a lot, but I found the 'Y ke'y to gather all the weapons around you from dead soldiers, vehicles, crates, may create little issues... For example, I use to load vehicles with stuff I may need during any particular mission, and of course, going around and after having conquered a place, I gather everything around... The problem is that if the load vehicle I am using is too much near to me, I gather also everything from it, so, the vehicle becomes empty, and, if not near a friendly camp or mine, all that I previously loaded on the vehicle, becames unavailable till I am back home... I think 'Y gathering' should work only on objects you are pointing too, so, not based on distance from you, but on pointed objects... This would also make the combat situation more real, as, when you are gathering something, you need to go near it... Thanks for reading... Alex