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  1. @HazJ , actually no. VIM is very customizable. Mine is like this, for example. Thanks, @ussrlongbow for your updates!
  2. Hey tophe, just to let you know, selecting Custom difficulty in the map tab returns: class Missions { class Mission_1 { template = "name_of_the_mission.Altis"; difficulty = ""; }; }; Selecting Expert will return Custom, although. Thanks!
  3. No worries. Also, brilliant work, mate! Keep it up! :)
  4. Found it: In the fn_itemSelectionChanged.sqf, line 19: HG_WEAPONS_ITEM_PRICE ctrlSetText format[(localize "STR_HG_PRICE_TAG_W"),[_price] call BIS_fnc_numberText]; Should be: HG_WEAPONS_ITEM_PRICE ctrlSetText format[(localize "STR_HG_DLG_PRICE_TAG_W"),[_price] call BIS_fnc_numberText]; Cheers mate!
  5. Hey Hover, Just to let you know, in the merged version, price for the item (weapons) is not shown. Thanks!
  6. Toasterbr

    Zombies & Demons 5.0

    You are right! :) Cheers!
  7. Toasterbr

    Zombies & Demons 5.0

    Ah, and another thing! I think you should mention that CBA is required, since you're using CBA_fnc_globalExecute, right? Cheers!
  8. Toasterbr

    Zombies & Demons 5.0

    Hey Ryan! Thanks for the update! If I can make a suggestion, I don't really think the Zombies need to do Bullet damage regarding the ACE integration. Also, they are dumb, so I think hitting always the body and legs seems off to me. I made some modifications, making the zombies hitting random hitpoints and doing only Stabbing and Punching damage. Also, I made the zombies do regular damage to AI, since the server can be configured to not allow ACE medical on the bots. _target = _this select 0; if(isPlayer _target) then { [-2,{ _target = _this; _randomAttackType = ["stab","punch"] call BIS_fnc_selectRandom; _randomAttackLocation = ["head", "body", "hand_l", "hand_r", "leg_l", "leg_r"] call BIS_fnc_selectRandom; if(player == _target) then { [_target, (_target gethit _randomAttackLocation) + Ryanzombiesdamage, _randomAttackLocation, _randomAttackType] call ace_medical_fnc_addDamageToUnit; }; },_target] call CBA_fnc_globalExecute; } else { _target setdamage (damage _target + Ryanzombiesdamage); }; I hope it helps! Thanks again for the mod. Keep the good work!
  9. Toasterbr

    Arma 3 Units - Closed Beta Feedback

    Brilliant! Already sent an email. Thanks!
  10. Toasterbr

    [COOP] Dynamic Combat Generator

    Roger. Thanks for the heads up! FYI, the mission is running smoothly :)
  11. Toasterbr

    [COOP] Dynamic Combat Generator

    Done. Thanks! Also, the HC needed to be connected before launching the mission? Using ASM, it shows enemies only spawning in the server and not in the HC... Do you know what I'm doing wrong? Thanks!
  12. Toasterbr

    [COOP] Dynamic Combat Generator

    Just to let you know that Arsenal loadouts, radios and lags are fixed! Thanks for the fix, Sensei! Awesome work. We had a blast yesterday in the Chernarus variant :)
  13. Toasterbr

    [COOP] Dynamic Combat Generator

    Gonna test it out today. Thanks for the update, Sensei. Brilliant work! cheers
  14. Toasterbr

    [COOP] Dynamic Combat Generator

    Hi SENSEI. I can confirm that we are having the same Arsenal LAG experienced by The.D, including the loadout saving problem. Edit: Forgot to mention that we use ACE, TFAR, RHS, Leight's OPFOR,bCombat (Server Side) and AllInArmaTerrainPack + CBA Thanks!
  15. Toasterbr

    MK18 Mod 1

    Today indeed is a glorious day :)